The Gobbler Garret is Complete

The turkey coop is done. Well, done enough to move them in, which we will likely do tomorrow.


Andromeda has had her kits or is in the process of having her kits. There was a lot of squeaking going on and she was still bloody so we left her alone and didn’t try to check, but have peeked in on her a few times. She pulled a huge amount of fur. She looked like she was nursing at one point. We will have to check tonight, though, since she didn’t have them in the nesting box, but in the giant nest she built in the corner of her cage. We have the urine guards in so they can’t squirm out of the cage and there is plenty of hay and fur in the nest.

It doesn’t look like Phoebe has done anything yet, but it is only day 31. Phoebe tends to be a day 32 kindler, but this is her first litter with Wildfire and a different buck can change the number of days in the pregnancy I’ve found.

I am a little worried about Lola’s babies. They are 4 weeks old today (or tomorrow, can’t recall) and while that is old enough to wean, it is earlier than I like. While they all seem perky, active, and bright-eyed, 3 of them have slightly runny poops. Lola didn’t have any diarrhea, so I’m not sure if this is actually that or if it is just the transition to solid foods. I know they can sometimes get a little runny then, but they’ve been eating solid food for over a week. Probably a week and a half. 4 of them are perfectly fine. I don’t know if I should separate them or not. They are so little I am not sure 3 kits is enough to keep each other warm.

I don’t even know what to think about this day. It’s such a mixed bag. I’m trying to keep my attitude positive, but I am a little stressed out. I hate losing kits and I would hate to lose Lola’s litter, too, after losing Lola.


3 thoughts on “The Gobbler Garret is Complete

  1. valbjerke says:

    I don’t think that separating the kits at this point would make a difference – if three of them have come down with something then the other four wont be far behind. I really hope you get through this and onto some healthy rabbits. You might consider, just for your own peace of mind, taking a stool sample to a vet to check for parasites or diseases. Those tests aren’t very expensive at all – and you sure wouldn’t want anything carrying over to your new breed stock.

    • LuckyRobin says:

      My reds are all healthy. Andromeda, Serenity and Phoebe are, too. So are young Alexander and Serena. I just hope they stay that way. Leo,, Kalia, and Starbuck have all been sneezing this week. I am hoping it is just the dusty hay and there are no signs of discharge, but at this rate I feel completely worried. I’ve separated them. And I have some antibiotics coming just in case.

      • valbjerke says:

        Oh I’m glad your reds are all healthy – seems like you can’t hardly catch a break some days. Here’s hoping things are on the upswing with the new breed stock.

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