May Kindle Watch Over

We were able to get in and check on Andromeda’s litter last night. She had 4 kits again. I wonder if there is something wrong with one of her uterine horns, since this is the second time this has happened and this is her second litter? Well, I’ve already determined that large litters of 9 to 12 are difficult to deal with, but I’d prefer six or seven to four. Just goes to show that the biggest meat rabbit is not always the best producer.

Phoebe had had her kits this morning when we went out to feed the animals, but we haven’t done a kit count yet. We will check on them tonight and move them into the nesting box since she didn’t give birth in it this time. I will try to remember to take the camera out. I am eager to see if she had any reds, though it may be too soon to tell. I may have to wait two or three days until their fur starts coming in. She was very happy to see me this morning and asked for lots of head pets. Phoebe is never defensive and is such a sweet girl. She trusts us a lot. She even gave birth in front of us last time!

In other news, we paid off our mortgage yesterday, after 16 years. That frees up a nice chunk of the budget. Now if the doggone thing would just sell, I would be very happy. Selling that house is one step closer to our farm becoming a reality.


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