Straw Bale Garden and New Zealand White Kit Weights at 4 Weeks Old

Straw Bale Garden and New Zealand White Kit Weights at 4 Weeks Old

So far I have gotten 14 bales going in my straw bale garden. I have finished conditioning the first four that run along the fence and two at the head of the double row. Now those ones just have to cool down and I can plant in them, which will probably be in another week to ten days. The others won’t be done conditioning for 10 days.

I plan to plant pole beans along the fence with zucchini and summer squash at the base of them, and then bush beans on 2 of the other ten bales. 4 bales will be devoted to cucumbers. The other four will be kale, chard, green onions, leeks, kohlrabi, and radishes. I have a place prepared for tomatoes and bell peppers to go in the ground, but if we get more bales going I would like to put peppers in the bales. It is too soon to plant peppers here until June and we have to plant from starts, but the bales would be warmer to plant them in. I’d also put in some bush green beans and possibly two melon plants. We will see.

We will be planting potatoes later this week. The ground is just about ready. I’m still not sure about carrots since I can get organic ones year round pretty cheap. That’s why I don’t plant storage onions. That and space constraints. I will one day when we have the land for it, though. I’d like to get some organic corn seeds in the ground, but not sure if that will happen this year.

We will be putting up some guttering on one wall of the turkey run and we will plant lettuces and more green onions in that. Maybe some radishes, too, if it seems deep enough. We may put guttering on one wall of the turkey coop as well. I’d like to get some broccoli and cabbage in, but I just don’t know where. There is one possibility, but I’d have to get permission from Mom to put it there and I don’t think it is very likely. But maybe.


The clover looks wonderful. I think in another 2 weeks we will be able to start putting the rabbits out on tractors there at least a couple times a week.


We spent about 3 hours digging and transferring compost yesterday. This is the area where the turkey pen will go. It will get tilled in today and we will plant some clover in it after we build the pen and put down some wire boxes for it to grow up through so the turkey poults and chicks can eat what comes up through, but can’t scratch it out at the roots. We managed to spread about half the big heap. The other half will get spread up front for part of the garden.

The diarrhea came back in one of the orphaned kits yesterday. We gave it a little butt bath and cleaned it up pretty good and gave it a couple of raspberry leaves, which help with diarrhea, but I think it had just lost too much weight. Losing Lola’s milk right at transition to solids was too hard on it. It didn’t survive the night. part of me was expecting it when I felt how light it was last night.

We also gave four of the other kits little butt baths, too. They had dried on poops in their fur that we had to soften to get out. They are still learning to groom themselves and normally their mother would be helping with that. This morning there was very little sign on the kits of anything. They must have groomed off what we didn’t manage to clean up last night. Only one is still a bit dirty so he will get another butt bath tonight. We gave them all some raspberry leaves, but not too many. It is still a green.

They are all eating and drinking well, so hopefully they won’t go back down hill again, but I have braced myself just in case. They don’t weigh much. They are very active and alert. We will continue to check on their backsides daily for the next week or so. Lola’s kits are quite a ways behind Serenity’s in weight now as they are still getting some milk from Serenity. They did gain a little, but not as much as they would have if they’d been still drinking some milk.

One of Serenity’s kits still has nest box eye. It has improved a lot, but it has not cleared all the way up yet. We have decided to give it a third treatment at mid-day to see if that helps. It is the smallest kit of her litter.

Lola’s Kit Weights at 4 Weeks Old:

Kit 1: 15.8 oz
Kit 2: 15.5 oz
Kit 3: 10.4 oz
Kit 4: 14.2 oz
Kit 5: 15.3 oz
Kit 6: 11.2 oz
Kit 7: deceased

Serenity’s Kit Weights at 4.5 Weeks Old:

Kit 1: 1 lb 9 oz
Kit 2: 1 lb 1.1 oz (Bunny with nest box eye)
Kit 3: 1 lb 13.1 oz
Kit 4: 1 lb 8.8 oz
Kit 5: 1 lb 9.5 oz
Kit 6: 1 lb 8.7

We checked on all the newborn kits after going back in and washing up before touching them. One of Phoebe’s kits was out of the nesting box and she had built a nest around it and pulled out more fur. As much fur as she’d pulled for her original nest. She’d also stayed right by it, keeping it warm. I hope she nursed it, too. Phoebe’s instincts surprised me. Lola always did that, tried to keep a kit warm that came out of the box, but this is the first time I think that Phoebe has done it. I wish they could pick their kits up in their mouths like cats do. I am glad we saw it, though, and were able to save it.

It wasn’t as warm as I would have liked, but it wasn’t cold and we got it buried right in the middle of the rest of the litter. I don’t think it was out for more than an hour or two. We will double check on it tonight. I tend to only want to check nest boxes once a day, but if we have one being pulled out already, I’ll have to check more than once. Their fur is starting to come in, and I think that maybe they will not all be dark black after all. There does seem to be some hints of brown, almost a chocolate color on a couple of them.

Andromeda’s kits are doing well, though one was smaller than the others. We put it on top of the pile when we put the nesting box back in her cage and she jumped right in to nurse, so hopefully it got a nice big dose of milk. They shouldn’t have to fight for a space since she only has the four. She nursed for about 5 minutes.

I really don’t want to see any more rabbit deaths this week. Kalia scared the daylights out of me by the way she was sleeping, but when I touched her she jumped right up. Alex did the same thing a couple of days ago, sleeping sort of on his back, looking for all the world like a dead rabbit. They are the only two who sleep like that, though. I’ve asked them both to knock it off for my peace of mind. I don’t know if they are listening though!


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  1. dirtartful says:

    I am glad I am not the only one who planted a yard worth of clover for my animals!

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