It’s Been a Crazy Week

It's Been a Busy Week

There has been so much going on here this week what with the unexpected kindling of Fiona and then all the work that has gone into keeping the lone baby alive, not to mention still feeding Lola’s smallest orphan with a dropper. We have had to resort to force nursing Fiona’s kit. At first it seemed like she was doing okay with it, but then it became obvious the baby wasn’t getting enough to eat.

We aren’t sure what we will do with Fiona. We hadn’t planned to keep her and she’s trying, but isn’t the best mother. I know some of that is her age. We will keep her long enough for her to finish getting her adult size and probably give her a second breeding and see how she does when her humans are paying attention and there is more than one survivor in her litter and she’s older. She was never the one I had thought to keep. I had thought to keep her sister who we have named Persephone, as a replacement for Lola.

I’m not sure if I said, but we are down to two feedings with the dropper bunny. It is doing pretty well, though still smaller than its siblings. I will cut down to one feeding soon.

Phoebe’s kits are growing very big and their eyes were open today. They are so adorable.



We got the compost pile spread this week and it has been turned into the soil. It was a lot of hard work, but it is nice to see it gone and there is no smell at all now. The neighbors are gone on vacation right now, so it was the perfect time to spread it without them complaining about the smell. The smell dissipates in 24 hours, but you’d think it was the end of the world or something when we spread it on our garden. Their compost stinks way worse than our pile ever has, because they never turn it and it is just grass, no browns are ever added. We don’t complain about theirs, but oh, well. Ours is under control again and we are building the new pile more carefully and all the way at the back of the property.

The newly prepared garden area looks beautiful and will be for planting potatoes. We will try to get that done this week. I’d say this weekend, but it is scheduled to rain through Monday, so I doubt that will happen. But it will be nice again after that. I’d say we have enough room for planting four rows of 50 feet each of the potatoes. I’m not sure we have enough russets for that, but Joe’s Gardens has a bunch of seed potatoes available still, so we can go there if we run out and maybe get some reds or yellows that are longer keepers. Most of the russets will be eaten fresh or canned for use in stews or making fried potatoes and dehydrated for making hash browns.

The storm this weekend will do my job for me of conditioning the last ten hay bales (I threw down more organic fertilizer last night). Then they need to be soaked for another week and should be ready for planting. I will be planting in the first four bales just as soon as the husband can get the fence up next Thursday to block the chickens from the garden.

I want to get the rest of the bales brought in this weekend for the new straw bale garden at the front end of the clover pasture. I’d like to do two long raised beds there with dirt in the center. I want to do some carrots and turnips and radishes in one of them. And in the other I’d like to do broccoli, kohlrabi, kale, chard, and cabbage. I’ve given up trying to grow cauliflower. It doesn’t like me and I’m not a big fan of it, though everyone else likes it. But 3 years of trying and failing to grow the stuff teaches me it has been long enough to give up.

In the other I am thinking about doing corn with squash and zucchini and melons and some more green beans…a sort of three sisters thing. Well, I’ll get it sorted out. The most important things for us is to get our tomato starts and green beans into the ground and then we will fill in from there.

I am so dirt tired from all the work, but my body seems to be moving more easily now. I had one bad day with the knee, but that was all. I will be glad when the husband gets home next week, though. Since I quit taking Valerian root for muscle spasms I don’t wake up wanting to puke every morning, so I think we’ve solved that problem. It was getting quite bad there for a while. Now when I get up I shove in a string cheese and head out to start taking care of all the animals instead of puking up vile to start my morning. I know which option I refer. Now I just need to find a natural remedy for muscle spasms that I can take that won’t make me sick to my stomach and works as well as Valerian did.


2 thoughts on “It’s Been a Crazy Week

  1. Grace Alice says:

    Looks like you not only have a few regular Chestnut Agoutis, but you also have some Chocolate Chestnut Agoutis I think. 🙂

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