Bumper Crop Coming and New Zealand White Kit Weights at 6 Weeks Old

Bumper Crop Coming and New Zealand White Kit Weights at 6 Weeks Old

The blueberry bushes are beyond loaded. With one that is 7 feet high and one that is 8 feet high, I am pretty sure we are going to get a full year’s supply of berries off them this year. The raspberries we will, too. The blackberry patch is not as big, but we should still get several quart baggies, at least a dozen, maybe more, for the freezer and a batch of jam.

Today I will cut my first holes in the straw bales for planting transplants. I can’t plant anything until after the husband gets the fence in place tomorrow to keep the chickens out, but I can get it all ready. Well, I can’t put compost in it yet, because the chickens will just fling it about. It will be nice to get some stuff growing, though.

Friday we will be taking the duck coop apart and moving it to an area in the back yard. Having them in the side yard was okay for a while, but having the smell so near the house is not working out. Now that they are bigger than the chickens, having them in the back yard will be fine and they will have more access to weeds. So now that the original compost pile is gone and the ground there has been built back up, we will reassemble it on that spot. I am hoping my father-in-law will be available to help. The components are heavy.

The ducks will probably go insane with the changes, but they’ll just have to learn to cope. If we can smell it, it won’t be long before the neighbors can, so getting it away from where it is now is necessary.

I took the weights of the six week olds. Lola’s orphans are still behind Serenity’s kits, though one of them is catching up. It is just an ounce smaller than the smallest of Serenity’s kits. Dropper bunny is still the smallest, but she hit a pound and a half so I feel like her progress has been good. Last night was her last feeding, so from here on out she’ll have to depend on pellets, hay, and clover to grow.

Lola’s Orphans:

Kit 1: 2 lb 4 oz
Kit 2: 1 lb 15.3 oz
Kit 3: 1 lb 8.9 oz (Dropper bunny)
Kit 5: 1 lb 14.1 oz

Serenity’s Kits:

Kit 1: 2 lb 14.2 oz
Kit 2: 2 lb 5.1 oz
Kit 3: 3 lb 5.1 oz
Kit 4: 2 lb 13.2 oz
Kit 5: 2 lb 14.8 oz
Kit 6: 2 lb 11.9 oz

It’s clear that kit # 3 of Serenity’s litter is going to be a big one. I haven’t had weight differences like that since Andromeda was a kit. If I didn’t have enough of Leo’s offspring around, I’d consider keeping this one if it turns out to be a doe. Since I am keeping Persephone, I don’t see the point in keeping one of these girls, though.

On the agenda for the weekend, besides starting work on the turkey coop, is to try to get the stacking hutches out of the rabbit shed and washed down. I need the husband to take them out, but the kids can wash them and then the husband can take them back in. Some time next week we need to butcher the last buck from Phoebe’s previous litter. And possibly Fiona, too. She is just so much smaller than her sister and the only reason I considered keeping her was the litter she had. But since none of them survived and she really couldn’t take care of the last one who died yesterday, I’m not sure she has what it takes to be a breeder. She’s young yet, but she’s a pound and a half smaller than her sister, and the plan up until we found out she’d had babies, was to cull her.

I did talk to my son about it, and he said he was okay with that, so long as we reused her name in the future on another rabbit. He really likes the name and the only reason we even named her was because that sole kit did so well for the first 3 days. I shouldn’t have done it, but continuing to refer to her as Kit 2 felt wrong for a mother. We have kept too many rabbits for the wrong reasons in the past, like Lola and Kalia. I need to be sterner about that. I think I’m fighting a losing battle on the bunny I have fed with a dropper. We always planned to keep one of Lola’s kits, but I wasn’t expecting this to be her last litter. If the biggest one is a girl I might consider it, but I am going to try to find a home for dropper bunny as a pet. She is just too sweet and adorable and friendly to not try to find her a place in this world.

The son and I think we have settled on a name for the new red kit we are picking up tomorrow. Firefly. Other names considered were Firestorm and Firestar, and a variety of spices in the red family. We’ll see how her personality matches up to it. She may end up with a spicy personality, though, like Nutmeg, Saffron, or Cayenne. We will have to see.


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