Turkey Pen Build Day 1 and New Zealand Kit Weights at 3 and 7 Weeks Old

Turkey Coop Build Day 1 and New Zealand White Kit Weights at 3 and 7 Weeks Old

We’ve started work on the turkey pen. It’s moving along pretty well. Above is the foundation. Below is the foundation with brackets.


With the corner supports installed:


And with the roof supports in place:


We still need to do the mid-wall supports and the mid-roof support before we can start working on the actual roof and walls. The walls will be a cross between some privacy fencing lattice that my father-in-law had left over from a project that he is giving us and chicken wire. We also need to build another small section which will lead from the turkey coop itself into the pen.

Tomorrow it is supposed to be a 70% chance of rain. I am hoping that the weather report will be wrong like it was a couple days ago. It is supposed be nice again on Thursday, though.

I did weights today of the kits.

Lola’s Orphans at 7 Weeks Old

Kit 1: 2 lb 13 oz
Kit 2: 2 lb 9.7 oz
Kit 3: 1 lb 12 oz (dropper bunny)
Kit 5: 2 lb 7.7 oz

Serenity’s Kits at 7 Weeks Old

Kit 1: 3 lb 6.6 oz
Kit 2: 2 lb 7.2 oz
Kit 3: 4 lb 1.2 oz
Kit 4: 3 lb 4.5 oz
Kit 5: 3 lb 7.5 oz
Kit 6: 3 lb 2.4 oz

Andromeda’s Kits at 3 Weeks Old:

Kit 1: 10 oz
Kit 2: 13.3 oz
Kit 3: 11.3 oz
Kit 4: 9.2 oz

Phoebe’s (Brown) Kits at 3 Weeks Old:

Kit 1: 11.3 oz
Kit 2: 13.1 oz
Kit 3: 15.6 oz
Kit 4: 13.6 oz
Kit 5: 12 oz

I’m still a little concerned over dropper bunny from Lola’s orphans. She didn’t gain much, but part of that may have been being weaned off the dropper. She looks healthy and bounces around like Tigger on speed, so hopefully she will gain some weight in the next week.

I am not worried about Andromeda’s kits, even though a couple of them are small. They really grew this week. They had all been quite little in comparison to Phoebe’s litter because their mama was sick, but she is better and I think is nursing better this week. So they will continue to pick up now, I think. I am a tad worried about Phoebe’s kit #5 as she does have the cough still and is the smallest. Hopefully it will pass like it has with almost all the other rabbits now, but I know we still might lose her. I hope not, but I am prepared for it.

All is going well with the ducks. They are well incorporated with the laying hens and they all hang out together now ranging through the clover field and around the coops and behind the rabbit shed. The speculum feathers have come in on the Welsh Harlequin. They are a brilliant blue, almost teal on two of them and more royal blue on another. I am not sure if the other two have them yet. They still don’t like me to get close, but sometimes they will spread their wings and I can really see the colors. The males are supposed to have a deeper shade of blue, so I am wondering if the teal is the female color and the royal is the male. Who knows? I know I won’t know anything until the drake feathers come in.

The turkeys are getting big and spending a lot of time on the top perch of the coop looking outside through the windows. Sometimes a chicken will join them. Hopefully they will be out in the pen during the day by the weekend. I hate that they have to be cooped up, but it won’t be for much longer. The turkeys whistle a lot. It’s a really pretty sound. I didn’t know that turkey poults whistled before getting them. They enjoy it when I whistle at them. I try to match their tones and they seem to appreciate the conversation.

I still haven’t got my transplants in. Maybe on Friday. There is just so much work to do right now. And I have to take my daughter to the doctor tomorrow so that will be a big chunk out of my afternoon. She’s had vicious insomnia and the lack of sleep is really affecting her personality. She is totally not herself. Hopefully the doctor will give her something to help as the OTC stuff is not doing much of anything for her. She will be 18 in a few months, but they still really don’t like to give minors anything. I think it is ridiculous that as soon as she turns 18 they’d give her stuff they don’t want to give her a few months sooner. She’s been done growing for ages. If she doesn’t get some decent sleep soon, we’ll all be going crazy around here.


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