Finally Got Some Transplants Into the Straw Bale Garden

I am beat. Today was hot, but it felt hotter than the 70 it was because there were no clouds and there was no breeze. We still managed to get a lot done. I got my first transplants in to the straw bales and have a lot more still to do, but at least it is a start. I did those when the husband didn’t need my help with the turkey pen. I hope to get more in tomorrow.

Green beans:




Bell peppers and jalapeno:


I also got in some pickling cucumbers, zucchini, yellow summer squash, and a cantaloupe if you didn’t watch the video.

The turkey pen is moving along. I have more photos, but I left the camera in the rabbit shed, so all I have is the one I downloaded last night of the first full wall of lattice.


Today we got all of the other lattice walls up and the two chicken wire walls up and the doorway has been made. Tomorrow the door will go in and then the wire frame boxes for the clover. Maybe the corrugated roofing will go up, but I am not sure. The turkeys and chicks are getting anxious to come outside. I am hoping they will be able to by Monday.

I think I will breed tomorrow. I was going to vaccinate first, but I am still waiting on the needles. It is okay to vaccinate pregnant does. I will do it at one week, I think, before they get too annoyed at being handled. The needles should show up on Monday or Tuesday, but originally they were supposed to be here on Thursday, so I’m not holding my breath.

I will be breeding Kalia with Wildfire and Serena with Alex. Then in three weeks I will breed Cinnabun with Leo and Persephone with Starbuck. Three weeks later I will breed Sienna with Wildfire and Serenity with Leo and then three weeks after that Phoebe with Wildfire and Andromeda with Starbuck. Not sure after that.

The plan is still to sell Serena and Alex as a breeding pair after they have had a successful litter and it has grown up. We will keep the largest doe from their litter and raise her. I am wavering about Fiona. I was thinking about butchering her, but she has started to put weight on and seems to be bouncing back from the early pregnancy now. I may see if I can sell her with Serena and Alex as a breeding trio. Serena and Fiona are half sisters and Alex has completely different parents. It is a good mix, I think.


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