I am so worn out right now. We have been pushing hard to get everything done before the husband goes back to work tomorrow night. The turkey pen is almost done. It won’t be fully done before he leaves, but it is done enough to be used. The attachment from the coop to the pen is almost done. Should take about another hour of work to complete, but we lost our light.

The door:


The perches:


The turkeys and chicks in the pen:


The foundation for the attachment platform:


Screen over opening that will lead from the pen to the coop:


We also got the floor put onto the attachment foundation, the opening cut in the coop and the ramp made, but it was too dark to take proper photos then. The birds used it for the first time though to get into the coop with my husband, daughter, and myself standing guard to make sure they didn’t head off course, while my son shooed them through from the pen side.

And here is a shot of the ducks sunbathing:


They really let me get close without freaking out at all.

We washed 9 cages today and 9 dropping pans and will wash out 7 tomorrow. We got the Mama side of the rabbit shed all mucked out and will do the Papa and unbred doe side of the shed tomorrow. And we will hopefully also get the turkey coop mucked out, but that may wait until Wednesday. We are going to try to butcher the one buck and Fiona tomorrow, but if we don’t have the time they will have to move outside to the outdoor hutches. I need the cages for kits to grow out in. Most of the rabbits were out in the tractors as you can see in the second half of the video above.

I bred Wildfire and Kalia today and Serena and Alex. I had planned to do it yesterday, but we got too busy. They had several successful matings, so around July 4th I should have kits. Oh, crud, I didn’t even think about the fireworks! Well, hopefully they will have them in the morning or maybe even on the 3rd which will be day 31. It’s illegal to let off fireworks in my city, unless you are the city, starting this summer, but that won’t stop some people. Hopefully it won’t be too bad. They are used to the freakishly loud helicopters going over way too low to land on the hospital helipad. The sound will carry from the bay for the city’s show, but it shouldn’t be too bad and it won’t start until 10:30 p.m., so they should have had their kits well before that.

I hope July isn’t stupid hot this year. 70’s would be great, 80’s not so much. I did want to get a long outdoor hutch in the trees built the next time the husband comes home, but I think he’s going on strike for building things for a while so that probably won’t happen. I’d like it to move the pregnant Mamas to if it gets nasty hot around kindling time. I do have fans to help them keep cool, but it would be nice to at least have an outdoor option. The outdoor hutches we have are not really big enough for a litter to be in with the mother, even if we did do it when we first got Piper and her litter. After about five weeks old there is just not enough space. I am scouring craigslist hoping to find something I could just bring home, but so far, no luck. Well, we’ll see what happens.


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