A Garden Update

A Garden Update

I got the guttering on the turkey pen planted. I have several lettuce plants, some spinach, and some Asian stir-fry greens in there. I also planted a lot more in the straw bale garden and it is now finished being planted.



Yellow French Beans:


Purple Kohlrabi:


Green kohlrabi, extra red bibb lettuce, and 2 hitchhiking plants that look to be either bok choi or Napa cabbage.


I guess I won’t know until it grows up, but whatever it is, we’ll eat it. We like cabbage and it is definitely that.

In the remaining empty bale space I planted Kentucky Wonder green pole beans as I couldn’t find any more starts anywhere. Which is fine, I just wanted a jump start. Oh, well. The weather has been so lovely and it is scheduled to remain that way, that I know they will sprout soon and catch up pretty quickly. This June has been marvelous. Considering it rained for most of June last year, this is a welcome change.

Here is a shot of the completely planted straw bale garden:


I am really happy with how this garden is turning out. The bales are holding moisture really well.

I started work on the new hay bale garden.


Mostly I just got it arranged the way I wanted. I put hay in the center section and we will put rabbit poop in there later today when we dump cage trays. Then on top of that will be all the compost from one of the compost bins. Maybe from both. We’ll see how far it spreads. I will plant the center section and it will be growing while we wait for the bales to be conditioned. I haven’t started the conditioning process yet because I need to buy fertilizer and I am waiting until Friday to do that. I will give it a good soaking after we get the rest of the stuff in the center section.

In the center area I am going to plant the following starts: Red Russian Kale, one hill of Sweet Meat squash (4 plants), green bunching onions, leeks, chives, and Romanescu broccoli. I will also put in carrot seeds (which I need to buy) and both Cherrybelle and Sora radish seeds, Evergreen Hardy Bunching Onion seeds, one hill of Blacktail Mountain watermelon seeds, a six pack of lettuce, and a few onion sets. When the hay bales themselves are ready I will plant Black Tuscan Kale seeds, broccoli and cabbage, and Maxibel Haricot Vert Bush Bean seeds. I might do cauliflower, but I generally have no luck with it, so only if there is space. I’d rather give the space to kohlrabi, which is a faster growing brassica that we all love. Cauliflower is only a so-so veggie for me. It has benefits, but not much flavor, in my opinion, unless it is cooked with broccoli, and then it takes on a bit of the broccoli flavor.

So far I really love gardening this way. It is so much easier on my knees and it is nice to be able to pull up a chair and garden, instead of trying to get down on the ground with my disability.


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