First Salad of the Season

First Salad of the Season

And second salad of the season:


The blueberries are starting to turn blue. Well, red and purple. The blackberries are starting to turn pink and red. I picked about a quarter of a pint of raspberries today.

Still waiting to hear back from the duck guy. Phone tag sucks. I wish he’d just give us an address, date, and time and we’d be there. I’m starting to feel like I’m in one of those movies where they give you the directions to the drop while you are on the way driving there. I hope it all ends up being worth it. I really want those female Welsh Harlequins. But if this falls through then I will order some sexed ducklings to raise. I just hope Addy won’t get overwhelmed once the boys hit sexual maturity in the meantime.

One of the little wild bunnies was on the path today nibbling on weeds. The husband and I were coming from one direction and a chicken was coming from the other direction. The bunny kept looking back and forth between us and the chicken. As we got closer it didn’t know where to go. We stepped to one side of the path and then it made a beeline past us. Guess we were the lesser of two evils. I don’t blame it. Georgie, the duckling killer, can be threatening.

24 hours after the application of the rabbit poop soup fertilizer, the tomatoes and cucumbers are doing great. It actually took away most of the yellowing on the cucumber leaves. It did not do that with the tomatoes, but the parts that were still green are now greener and the plants have perked right up. I used most of the second container to put on the peppers and then all of the other plants in the straw bales except the green beans and yellow French beans. I will do those tomorrow with the remainder. What I did do was standing taller within 2 hours of application.

I think I will do an application of this stuff every week on the tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers, and then maybe less often on the rest of it. We’ll play it by ear.

We dumped a bunch of spent rabbit bedding on the potato garden for hilling purposes and then left more to be used in a few days when it needs to be done again. The potato plants are getting big and healthy looking. We’ve got some volunteers that I want to put some on as well. We might as well make use of those ones, too.

I am going to put compost in the buckets that the strawberries came in and use them to grow some brassicas. I am debating between broccoli and cabbage. Probably broccoli, since cabbage, even organic cabbage, is cheap.


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