An Update on the Fruit Garden

Today was another long day, but I think I am on the mend. We only managed to get the 4 Pekins butchered today. I didn’t even bother to do before and after weights. Butchering ducks is too much work to fiddle with things like that. The husband decided to skin them as it was just so hard to try to get them plucked and all the down off, and the drill plucker we bought does not work very well. We have decided that meat ducks are probably not going to be something we do again while living here and definitely not something we do again until the new processing place opens up and we can just take them in and have them done. It is more cost-effective just to buy sustainably raised duck from the food co-op.

Plus it was a little wrenching to do the ducks. They have such personality. It is much quieter and the Welsh Harlequins are much more peaceful without the Pekins, though. The Pekins kind of pushed everyone around. The new girls have really settled in with Addy and the boys now. I wish we didn’t still need to do two more boys. It is going to be hard deciding on which two get to stay.

The woman who was supposed to come look at the rabbits today flaked out on me. Well, she did eventually text and schedule for tomorrow. I hope she shows up. She did have extenuating circumstances, but…if she flakes on me again I won’t give her another chance.

We have decided to keep the dropper fed bunny for sure. We have named her Luna Blue. She will be Firefly’s companion until Firefly is of breeding age. Then she will be in the cage next door to Firefly.

We drove down to the ranch we buy our beef and pork from in the late afternoon and picked up the type of meat we don’t raise for ourselves. We got caught in a pretty nasty storm in Sedro Woolley. Big black clouds and lightning. It was pretty but scary. It was a fast storm, though and it moved over fast.

I will have an update on the straw bale garden and the hay bale garden soon. I just have to edit the footage.

This is what I harvested today in a 1.5 gallon bucket:


I should be able to start picking some kale soon.

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