First Duck Eggs and a Straw and Hay Bale Garden Update

First Duck Eggs and a Straw and Hay Bale Garden Update

We got our first duck egg yesterday, but one of the chickens got in and ate it (Bad Georgie!). Today we got two eggs and the duck coop was closed as soon as the ducks came out until I could go back and get them and then I opened the coop back up again, since that is where the feed is. I think it is interesting that the day after the Pekins were butchered, the new ducks started laying. The Pekins were majorly stressing them out. The flock is so much more harmonious now. One of the new ducks hangs out with Addy now and the other three hang out together, but they all sleep close in with the boys now.

We’ve been butchering the last of the meat chickens. I did some cutting up and bagging last night. Today I have to cut up and bag the rabbits and also wrap the ducks in freezer paper since I am not sure where to purchase poultry bags other than online.

The hay bale and straw bale gardens are doing well. The cabbage and lettuce got moved from the straw bale garden to the dirt in the hay bale garden and I planted the winter savory, 2 types of parsley and the cilantro in the dirt there as well. I don’t think I’ll do carrots this year at all. The husband and the father-in-law will put up the new part of my gutter garden today and I will get some radishes and some peas planted and maybe something else.

The duck coop will be moved today, hopefully for the last time, and the good finished compost will be spread and the compost bins will be moved, too. We are going to start sifting the hay out of the rabbit droppings and packaging the rabbit droppings for giving away or selling in old feed bags.

We sold Fiona yesterday to a woman I feel good about and we weaned Phoebe’s kits. We will wean Andromeda’s kits just as soon as we clean out Fiona’s cage. Andromeda probably leaves us on Tuesday. Tomorrow we will start trying to integrate the Barnevelders in with the other laying hens.

Serena and Kalia have stopped taking all the bedding out of the nesting boxes and seem to be building nests instead. They are due on the fourth. Hopefully they will have them on day 31 and not day 32. I worry about fireworks. I just wish I’d thought about that when breeding, but I was two days later than I’d planned on being when I bred them. Oh, well, what is done is done. Hopefully the new city fireworks ban will be followed this year and it won’t be an issue and they will have them in the morning, well before the city’s late night blast.

I still feel pretty weak and shaky, but I am keeping my food down for two days now, so I think I am probably on the mend. None too soon.


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