Rabbit Kits and Berries Picked


This is the one I think is black. It is solid black all over.


I think this one is chocolate.


Everyone is looking healthy and strong in both litters, even the runt had a full belly.


Yesterday I spent an hour and a half picking berries. I now have five quart-sized bags in the freezer. I probably ate about a cup of blackberries while picking and a handful of blueberries.



I managed to pick all of the blue ones off one of the blueberry bushes, but I ran out of steam after doing a couple branches on the other bush. I had already done one side of the blackberries. I will try to pick the other side tday and then the first side should have some more ripe on Monday. Well, maybe even tomorrow. Some were close, but not quite there.

I sprayed the two broccoli plants that had aphids on them with the garlic/dish soap/water spray. I did see a couple of orange Asian lady beetles and one red ladybug on them earlier in the day eating the aphids. I made sure they weren’t on them when I sprayed in the evening as I don’t know if it would hurt them or not. I want to keep them around. I just wish there were more of them. If the garlic spray doesn’t work, I will just pull the two plants. It is not worth it to me to keep them if the infestation spreads to everything else. Anyone know how many days it is supposed to take for the garlic spray to work?


6 thoughts on “Rabbit Kits and Berries Picked

  1. I would say that your black is spot on, but your suspected chocolate is actually chestnut/castor. If it were chocolate, the ears would be dark. 🙂 lookin’ good!

  2. Grace Alice says:

    You’re black is black – but your chocolate looks like a chocolate chestnut agouti. What breed is this?

    I can tell because you can see the slight ticking already showing up on his head. 🙂 You can also tell because if the baby has white ears and not solid colored ears, they are usually agoutis. Unless it’s a cream/red/fawn, I would suspect the ear color to be fairly indecipherable since the color is so light when they are so young.

    • LuckyRobin says:

      Yes, I think that one is not a chocolate anymore because the ticking is more obvious now that his fur is in all the way, but I have another one I think might still be chocolate. These are New Zealand rabbits. Mom is a REW and dad is a red.

  3. Grace Alice says:

    I believe castor is what chestnut agouti is when it comes to rex rabbits. Amber is (I think) chocolate chestnut agouti in rex.

    Are these rexes?

    • LuckyRobin says:

      No, these are New Zealands. Just a cross between a white and a red has produced all these lovely colors. There can be chocolate agouti, chestnut agouti, steel, black, blue, red, and white from NZ’s. Castor is called chestnut in NZ’s. I’ve done a lot of research this week.

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