Hay Bale Garden Update 5

I’ll do the straw bale update tomorrow. Today was kind of a rough day. I’ve got so much fluid in my knee and it is so painful that I wasn’t able to get too much done beyond the bare minimums. I had to go and buy some hay and by the time I’d finished the drive it was like I had a softball on the side of my knee. I think I must have really done something bad this time. It’s been swollen all week and is not getting any better. I might have to go have an MRI done. I sure hope not. That would mean dipping into the Emergency Fund, because we have not yet met our $5000 deductible for the year on our medical insurance.

We also stopped by my in-laws since it was close to the feed store and my son had left his glasses there the last time he and his dad were there. We ended up staying far longer than usual and I didn’t have my knee elevated so the swelling was even worse from that. I can’t find what I did with my cane either. I may have to go up to Walgreens and buy another one. I suppose it is time I got my own anyway. The one I use had belonged to my father before he died.

I think I’ve torn the other miniscus or might have a cyst behind the knee cap because I have similar symptoms going on. It is just making it hard to walk. I managed to get through all the chores today with the animals and the garden. I have never been more grateful than right now to have planted in bales off the ground so I can sit in a chair and tend and water the plants. But then I couldn’t make dinner. Fortunately we have plenty of food on hand for sandwiches and it is hot enough that cold food appeals to everyone. I was too tired to even make a sandwich for myself and just ended up eating a bowl of tuna fish mixed with Miracle Whip (the kind made with olive oil and without corn syrup).

I had planned to can pickles today, but that has been pushed off onto tomorrow. My daughter is going to help me do the wash and slice part and babysit the waterbath canner so I can have my knee elevated as much as possible.

I didn’t harvest any produce. I have got to get to the blueberries tomorrow, even if I need to bring a chair to the bush to sit and pick. The crows will get them otherwise and those things are such pests I don’t want any reason for them to come into the yard. They like to go into the chicken coop and eat the chicken eggs. The chickens don’t lay on a reliable time table like the ducks so they can lay at any point and a crow can get to it before we do. This is just a bad crow year. I don’t remember having such a bad crow year before. We are seeing flocks and flocks of hundreds of crows swarming the neighbor’s trees. It is at times like this I wish I could have a farm dog here.

We did get 3 duck eggs this morning. One was a huge double yolker. I felt sorry for the duck that laid it. Otherwise today I mostly read.


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