Cinnabun’s Surprise

Miss Cinnabun had a mighty big surprise for us tonight. My son was on rabbit duty because my knee was hurting too much and he made an unexpected discovery. I had him videoing so I could see that all the kits’ tummies were full. I can’t believe how their fur is already coming in so noticeably at 2 days old. But that is not the surprise. This is.

I went to the doctor today and he thinks I have indeed torn the other meniscus in my bad knee. I went for x-rays. The insurance insists on x-rays before an MRI, even though this isn’t a bone injury and a torn meniscus won’t show up on an x-ray. Don’t know why the insurance company doesn’t just let doctors do what they think is right. I should have the results tomorrow.

My daughter helped me slowly hobble around the garden. I took my camera with me and did a bunch of little vids which I’ll put up over the week. Today I picked 2 zucchini, 1 cucumber, and 5 tomatoes. I’ll make a spaghetti sauce tomorrow with those lovely tomatoes and probably do roasted zucchini as well. Thankfully I can pull a chair up to the stove. If I can manage it I’d like to make some spaghetti noodles (flour, water, duck egg), but may have to just use organic noodles made locally. Depends on the pain factor.

I am three days into a controlled carb diet and have lost 5 pounds. I decided for my knee’s sake it was time to get this extra weight off. Mostly I just eat protein and low carb vegetables and then have some higher carb foods in balance with the protein and veggies one time per day. I also limit processed foods as much as possible, which isn’t too hard since I make almost everything from scratch anyway. It is a diet that has worked for me in the past and one that I feel good on.

Sorry if this post is a little disjointed. I am on the new pain medicine and it is making me a little floaty.

Oh, here is the fruit and potato garden update. I skipped it last week so there is no update 5. Numbers are based on the week, actually.


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