The Birds are Getting Big

Aren’t the Royal Palms getting big? I love seeing the males puff up and spread their tail feathers. I don’t think I realized just how silly I am when I talk to the turkeys before, though.

The Welsh Harleuqins are fully grown now.

We lost 2 kits last night. Cinnabun accidentally squashed them. She keeps going into the nesting box backwards. I hope that stops. That leaves the litter of reds at just 4. If she squashes any more I am tempted to take them away and give them to Persephone to raise.

I picked 2 tomatoes today. After 2 days of rain they had split so needed to be picked. The kale sure perked up during the storm and the sweet meat squash has put on quite a few feet of vines in just those 2 days. Now we are in for 10 days of sunshine again in the mid to high 70’s and some days in the 80’s. We’ve been put on water restrictions, too, for Sundays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. That is for lawns and flowers, though. Food gardens can be hand watered daily.

I got the results of my knee x-ray. I’ve got degenerative bone loss. If it still hurts after a week of drugs, icing, and elevating they will send me for an MRI. It will. I’ve been icing and elevating for weeks. I just didn’t have the medication. All that does is make me feel loopy and tired and nauseated. Well, it does help with the pain a bit, but not enough. I’d rather be clear and awake and not have my stomach queasy if the meds aren’t going to take the pain away and are only dulling it.

Dinner tonight was rabbit that we raised ourselves coated with herbs from my windowsill pots and yard, new potatoes, and one of the pints of green beans I canned last August. 5 mile foodshed. Lunch was taco salad, beef from the next county over, lettuce from my garden, and cheese from a farm 12 miles away, so 30 mile foodshed. Breakfast was a duck egg omelette with eggs from my ducks, a chopped green onion from my garden, and bacon from the place we get our beef. Again, 30 mile foodshed. We are doing pretty good.

I am going to start making bread and rolls again. The bread we like is $5 a loaf now. Even with using organic unbleached flour (milled in the next county and from WA grown wheat) and local honey, it is still way, way cheaper to make my own. I had gotten out of the habit, but it is time to get back into it. Past time, really.

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