Produce Haul, Garden Update Vids, and New Zealand Kit Weights at 3 Weeks Old and 10 Weeks Old

We did pretty well today on our produce shopping. We went to Joe’s Garden (no spray, sustainable, but not certified organic) first. I got 5.91 pounds of super sweet onions that have the tops attached still. We are going to cut off the tops and use them like leeks when we make stock next week. We got 2.67 pound of regular broccoli and 2.35 pounds of Romanescu broccoli, 4 giant slicing cucumbers, 2.24 pounds of yellow summer squash, 2 gargantuan bunches of chard, 2.29 pounds of red bell peppers, 1 huge garlic bulb, 1.64 pounds of green bell peppers, 8.81 pounds of green beans, and 8.87 pounds of Yukon Gold potatoes for $71.38.

We will be canning the green beans tomorrow and slicing and freezing all but one green and one red bell pepper and 3 of the onions. The other onion and remaining peppers will be sliced up for stir-fry on Sunday. I sliced up two of the cucumbers to have handy. Since I can’t snack on crackers anymore, since I am controlling my carb intake, I am going to use cucumber slices for my goat cheese instead. We cut up all of the broccoli, for roasting this week, but will wait to cut up the yellow squash. It doesn’t hold up very well once cut. We will roast the veggies when the next 3 zucchini are ripe. We cut up all of the broccoli stems to give to the ducks over the next couple of days. The chickens got the cucumber slices today, the ducks got some chard and turkeys got some corn.


After we went to Joe’s Garden we went to Goode’s farm stand to pick up more organic nectarines from Yakima. I ended up getting 8 of those, 3 baskets of local strawberries, a 5.3 pound cantaloupe from Yakima, and several ears of corn (4/$1) for $26.56. The corn was part of dinner tonight and it was fantastic, hybrid but not GMO. Along with the corn we had a beef pot roast from the next county over, strawberries from 12 miles away, and no-spray cherries from Yakima. The corn was also from Yakima. So 224 mile food shed today, but in state.

I spent almost $100 on produce, but 16.5 pounds of it was for canning and freezing, so pretty good.

We weighed the 10 week old kits on Tuesday and the 3 week old kits today.

Three Week Olds–Serena’s New Zealand Whites:

Kit 1: 8.7 oz
Kit 2: 9.2 oz
Kit 3: 11.2 oz
Kit 4: 9.0 oz
Kit 5: 9.7 oz
Kit 6: 7 oz (this is the runt)
Kit 7: 9.9 oz

Three Week Olds–Kalia’s colored New Zealands:

Kit 1: 9.8 oz black
Kit 2: 10 oz darkest brown
Kit 3: 9.8 oz dark brown
Kit 4: 12.5 oz big red
Kit 5: 10 oz little red

Ten Week Olds–Phoebe’s Agoutis:

Kit 1: 6 lb 2.6 oz
Kit 2: 5 lb 8.7 oz

Ten Week Olds–Andromeda’s Whites:

Kit 1: 5 lb 2 oz
Kit 2: 5 lb 2.7 oz
Kit 3: 4 lb 10.5 oz

After I posted last night I discovered that Cinnabun was not feeding her kits. She had been, but while I was laid up with my knee, and the husband and son were taking care of the rabbits, they did not check well enough. I always pull out every kit and look it over and my son knows this so I had assumed he was doing this because I told him to check each new litter carefully. Guess I was not explicit enough. Anyway, there was no saving one of the kits. I knew it would be dead by morning and it was. Now I am thinking what the husband and son thought was squashed kits were actually unfed, deflated kits.

The other 3 are doing okay. We pulled Kalia out of her cage and used her to force nurse the 3 kits last night. We tried with the 4th but it would not latch on and I knew it wouldn’t make it because of that. One is bigger and I am not worried about it. One has recovered very well, but is still small. The third one I am a little worried about, but it is latching on and drinking. Hopefully it will rebound. It has some, but not enough for me to not worry. We force nursed this morning and this evening on Kalia. Kalia got a carrot as she is nursing two litters (but only a total of 8 kits) and I wanted to make sure she got some extra calories.

We pulled the nesting box out of Cinnabun’s cage and gave her a larger, wider cardboard box with a lower lip for a nesting box. I think she is just too big for the regular nesting box even though it is made for New Zealands. She does go into it, but whether or not she is nursing, I just don’t know. We tried to force nurse with her, but they didn’t seem to be getting anything, so that is why we chose to go with Kalia. I would give them to Persephone, but I am not sure that the two smaller ones are strong enough to fight with her own six kits for milk. Tomorrow morning we will try to force nurse with Cinnabun again. Now that they are latching on well, I would like to get them on their own mother if possible, but if it doesn’t seem like they are getting big bellies we will do Kalia again.

I thought Cinnabun was going to be a good mother as she did so well the first 2 days and even took care of the kit outside of the nest (who is the biggest one now and was obviously nursed, so she clearly had milk). She seems to be getting into the new nesting box easier, but I don’t know if she is staying in long enough. I am sad she lost half her litter. Hopefully she won’t lose the other half. I am trying to stay positive.

We will be butchering Andromeda’s and Phoebe’s kits tomorrow. We might do the two drakes, too, or that might wait until Sunday. The husband can get 5 rabbits done in an hour, but I don’t know if he’ll feel like doing ducks, too, afterwards.

Here are the update vids on the hay bale and the straw bale gardens.

Hay Bale 6

Straw Bale 6


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