At Least My Husband Has Been Productive

So yesterday when I was watering the garden I tripped over a folded scaffolding my mother had left out. Of course, I didn’t see it, because I was watching the ducks being cute, plus it was tucked up against the hay bales with just a foot of it sticking out in the walkway. We’ve got it situated now so that it is out of the way, but boy did I hurt myself. Fortunately I did not fall down. I just sort of trip-skipped and staggered one foot after the other, so jarred both knees pretty bad and one ankle. I have to admit that I almost swore, which is not something I do. But my neighbor had a good chuckle at me yelling out “Fudge monkeys!” which is my version of swearing.

I’ve been down most of the week following doctor’s orders to elevate and ice and take meds that make me loopy. But I was finally feeling decent enough to at least get out and see how the garden was doing. It is not liking these water restrictions at all. We had water in the two wheel barrows from the rain storm that happened the day after the water restrictions were put on, so I bailed those out with a pitcher and watered the worst off plants before tripping. I’d also picked some yellow beans before it happened. Other than zucchini, nothing will need to be picked again for several days.

My husband has put the waterproof roofing on the turkey pen, new roofs on 3 of the rabbit tractors, set up a tarp awning to shade the rabbit shed windows and it works really well, and put up some small 2 x 4 shelves in the rabbit shed. The rabbit kit is on one in the photo above. He did put a lip on one which I will use to put all the medicines on like eye wash, blue kote spray, neosporin and hydrogen peroxide, and a small can with pens on it that I use for taking weights, and the labels for cages and water bottles. The other shelf has a bungie cord about six inches up and will have spare water bottles stored there. The bungie cord will keep them in place so they don’t fall off.

We did not get the butchering done this weekend. I wasn’t able to help and it has been so hot. I am just not an 85 degree girl. The husband is going to try to do it in the morning, but I’m not sure if it’ll happen without me there to retrieve and calm the buns. Although he is getting better with handling them since he’s had to do a lot this week.

Cinnabun’s kits are still alive and starting to do better. They are much more active. Persephone is feeding them now, because her kits are so big and fat we know she has a lot of milk. We take the nesting box out of Cinnabun’s cage, put Persephone on it, and as long as she is being pet, she stays right there and lets them nurse. We can see them doing it and the results of it. She’s a bit of a hussy for petting. Then after they nurse we put them back in with Cinnabun. Who then jumps in and nurses and they go to her, but she doesn’t nurse for long enough. And she won’t let us force nurse her. She gets very upset when we try.

She does bathe them, though. She is trying. I just don’t think she has enough milk. Hopefully her next litter will go more smoothly. The kits are a week old today, so hopefully we only have to do this for another week and then they’ll be chasing their Mama around and can get milk on demand. She does seem to want to mother them, which is why I don’t take them away and give them to Persephone. That and her kits are quite a bit bigger even though they are the same age. Not sure they’d be able to fight their way to the milk if I did.

We picked up organic feed for the turkeys and ducks today. I found some at a fairly reasonable cost so I’m going ahead and making the switch. The duck feed is also layer feed since Addy is old enough now to go onto that. It’s only 16% protein. I could have got 18% protein, but didn’t want it so high for the drakes. The turkey grower is only a little more expensive than the game bird chow and specifically formulated for turkeys. It is Scratch-and-Peck (which is very local). I wish they did one for waterfowl, too, not to mention rabbits, but at least they do one for turkeys. The Barnevelders are also old enough to eat the organic layer feed and I’m sure Mom’s chickens will mooch, too, but that’s fine. They did with the flock raiser anyway. It just will make the eggs healthier.

4 thoughts on “At Least My Husband Has Been Productive

  1. I bet you would have come out better if you’d just fallen. Bruises heal faster than jammed joints.

    I hope you’re back to fighting (and working) fit quickly. Living on a farm with an injury is no fun (yep, the voice of experience).

    • LuckyRobin says:

      Well, the garden is on concrete, so I likely would have cut my legs up if I had fallen, and my hands, too. Not quite the same as falling on grass or dirt. Not sure that would have been a better alternative. I went and got a massage the next day, though, and that worked wonders.

  2. Love your description of your teetering fall. I’m sorry but it made me laugh. Then I read how much it affected you. I do hope you are better soon.

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