I Really Dislike it When People are Flakey

Look how big my chickens are!

Today was kind of a time suck. We went to go look at some pigs at a farm because we were thinking of ordering a half for this fall and even though we set up the time and date and double and triple checked it, the people were not there when we arrived and we waited a half an hour and they still did not show up. Finally I was able to get a hold of them later and the only thing I got was there was a miscommunication. No sorry for your inconvenience, no we screwed up. If there was a miscommunication it was between the husband and wife, not between them and us, because I have it all in black and white and it is pretty clear we were supposed to meet at 3 o’clock p.m. on Saturday. And clearly they don’t care about actually getting the sale either, because she didn’t even try to set up another time. And I’m not about to, because if they care that little, they don’t need my business. Guess I’ll have to find some place else that has pasture-raised organic pork, hopefully in this county.

On the bright side, I sold another dozen duck eggs today. One thing or another keeps coming up, so the drakes have not been butchered yet. We are trying again tomorrow. It needs to get done because they are too hard on poor Zoe. She is bearing the brunt of 3 of the drakes’ affection.

I made a beautiful sauce today for dinner. A gorgeous spaghetti sauce with one of my red tomatoes and 2 orange ones grown locally, a locally grown sweet onion, and locally grown garlic. The herbs were from my yard or kitchen window pots. The sauce was from my canning last year. The only thing I didn’t grow in it was the tomato paste. It was so delicious.


Tomorrow I am going to make sloppy hoppies for dinner. I looked at a ton of sloppy Joe and sloppy chick recipes and I think I’ve come up with one my family and I will like using our own ground rabbit. I can’t wait to find out.


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