More Potatoes Canned, Drakes Butchered, and New Zealand Kit Weights at 6 Weeks Old

This morning we butchered two of the drakes. This leaves us with 2 drakes and 5 ducks. Already there seems to be much more harmony and a lot less harassment of the females. Though one of the remaining drakes seems absolutely terrified. I’m not sure why, because they couldn’t see anything. Maybe they could smell it. The drakes that were slaughtered did not cry out or anything. We still may have to butcher one more male, but we are hoping not.

After that we did two canner loads of Yukon Gold potatoes in the pressure canner. The first load had a jar that didn’t seal. On closer inspection it was not a Ball or Kerr or Mason or Atlas (really, really old brand that was my grandmother’s) jar, it was an old Miracle Whip jar that had gotten put in with the canning jars. So that one went into the fridge and we will have fried potatoes tomorrow. The end result was 24 quarts of potatoes.

Both my husband and my mother pitched in. Peeling and cutting up goes a lot faster with three people helping. My husband is really good at peeling potatoes. He also did some babysitting of the canner while I made dinner (barbecue chicken and mashed Yukon Gold potatoes with salad and fresh strawberries, yum!) Tomorrow is another applesauce day. Fun. I think I am going to need to buy more sugar. Maybe we will hit Costco and get a big bag.

The remaining boy kit of Andromeda’s litter is almost 6 pounds so he needs to get butchered soon. The new cages are supposed to arrive tomorrow. I ordered 3 more for grow outs. Let’s hope they actually come when they are supposed to. I’d like to get the new set up put together.

We took weights on the 6 week olds yesterday.

Kalia’s Litter:

Kit 1: 2 lb 12.5 oz (black)
Kit 2: 2 lb 12.9 oz (dark brown)
Kit 3: 2 lb 10 oz (light brown)
Kit 4: 2 lb 13.4 oz (big red)
Kit 5: 2 lb 9.5 oz (little red)

Serena’s Litter:

Kit 1: 2 lb 0.9 oz
Kit 2: 2 lb 2.4 oz
Kit 3: 2 lb 7.2 oz
Kit 4: 2 lb 1.6 oz
Kit 5: 2 lb 4.2 oz
Kit 6: 2 lb 0.5 oz
Kit 7: 2 lb 6.1 oz

Everyone is doing very well with no obvious runts.

Serena is being skittish. She’s never been super friendly, but she used to let me pet her when she was eating her oats. Now she won’t. I’m starting to think it is the cage, as that was Lola’s old cage and she was the same way. I know Serena isn’t going to be a long-term rabbit. I plan to give her one more litter and keep the biggest kit from it and sell her. But I’d still like to be able to pet her. She lets me when she comes out of the cage, she just doesn’t want me petting her inside it at all. Maybe once her kits are weaned she will go back to not being so skittish.


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