My First Barnevelder Egg!

Look what Willow left for me today! My first Barnevelder egg. From left to right is Tansy’s egg, Miss Addy’s egg, and Willow’s egg. Addy has only been laying for a week or two so her duck egg is little in comparison to Tansy’s egg. A regular chicken egg would be about half way between the two duck eggs, so you can see that Willow’s egg is still quite small, but they will get better as her egg layer finishes coming online. I’m hoping they will get darker, too. Barnevelder eggs are supposed to be quite close to black copper maran eggs in color.

Willow laid her first egg on the straw bale under the tarp. It is the same place Ecru has been laying for a few days, and she went in there after Ecru came out. We did hear an egg song, but they have been practicing that for a couple of weeks. But sure enough there really was an egg there. I wasn’t actually expecting them to start laying for a few more weeks since they are a late to mature bird, but I am glad to see it happening. So that gives me 5 ducks and 1 chicken that are laying of my flock.

Today I put up 14 pints of applesauce. Yesterday I picked up some more potatoes, cucumbers (enough for 3 quarts of pickles), dill, a braid of garlic, peppers, and onions to put up, and a cabbage for making cole slaw.


The onions are huge. One of them was as big as the cabbage.


Tomorrow I hope to get the peppers and onions sliced and diced and frozen, and hopefully start on dehydrating garlic slices to grind into powder. Not sure if I will get to the potatoes tomorrow. It depends on how I feel. I spent most of today in a lot of pain. I rammed my knee last night. It wasn’t my bad knee, but now I’m not sure I have a good knee anymore. It’s bruised and swollen and I think I hurt the muscle just above the knee, not the actual knee itself, which would be preferable. I am having a hard time deciding which leg to limp on. I am hoping it is a temporary thing. I’ve kept ice on it a lot. I just feel like the world’s biggest klutz right now, although officially, I know that that is actually my daughter.

On the bright side I got to spend a lot of time in bed reading today. Now I’m only ten days behind on the blogs I read instead of 15 and I’ve made it 2/3 of the way through an actual book in 2 days time. And it is a fiction book, not something to learn a skill or how to raise something. Usually it takes me a couple weeks to get through a book because I have to read in five minute snatches and I’m usually reading more than one at a time. One of the books I’ve been working on for 19 weeks, but it is almost like reading a text book, only more interesting. I’ve renewed it from the library 7 times. Fortunately they have 8 copies and they are usually in, so when I hit the renewal limit I can turn it in and just go pick up another copy.

I am hoping I will feel much better tomorrow. There is a lot to do and not much time left to do it in before the husband has to go back to work again. Namely clean all the rabbit cages and reorganize the rabbit shed. And butcher the last of Andromeda’s kits. That will give us 4 empty grow out cages of the large size to start weaning next week, and 2 of the medium sized ones. Also the doors on the duck coop need to be rehung and one locker thing needs to be fixed. And a nest box needs to be built for Sienna, who is not quite as big as Cinnabun, but is longer. I don’t want to risk having her be too big for the nesting box like Cinnabun was.

One of the things I want to attempt to do in the next couple of weeks is make my own cheese powder by dehydrating cheese and then powdering it. It is a lot of work, but it will be worth it to have cheddar popcorn that doesn’t have gunky stuff in it. I will attempt that after the garlic. I’ve watched a couple of vids on it and it definitely looks doable. I do need to buy a grinder, though. I don’t think a mortar and pestle will do for the amount of garlic and cheese I want to grind.

I also want to make some rabbit jerky, but we’ll see. Everything depends on my knee, well, both of my knees, now.


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