Rabbit Kits are a Week Old

I’ve had a rough week. I picked up some kind of stomach virus and have spent as much time as possible sleeping. I seem to have come out of the worst of it now. With the kids in school and my mother on vacation all of the animal care fell to me. It was not the easiest week I’ve had, but things are better now and the husband is home. I was able to can tomatoes yesterday. I’ve now got 19 pints canned and I need to do another batch. My aunt sent home about 40 tomatoes with my mother for me. I had also bought a case of tomatoes before I got sick. I think I will get another 9 pints before I am through. I also have my own tomatoes starting to really come on. So maybe I will get some after all. I need to can green beans, too. I’ve got a lot now. Hopefully I will have the energy for that once I get through the tomatoes.

On the farm front, we lost the little black kit that I was going to grow up to be a breeding doe about a week ago. Last night we lost one of the red kits, the female, that was 8 weeks old. The poor little thing had been battling diarrhea and I thought she’d come through, but she did not. They almost never do once that hits, but we have saved one (Lola’s kit Luna Blue) and she seemed like she’d turned a corner. Oh, well. That is life with rabbits. I am worried about one of her other kits, too. He feels too light to me. But there are no signs of illness yet.

The 8 day olds are all doing fine, thank goodness.




We sexed and weighed the 8 week olds last night. The one who died was a girl. The other 2 red kits are both boys. Persephone’s kits had 2 boys and 4 girls. We weaned the 2 boys first.

We weighed the 10 week olds, too. 4 of Serena’s kits and 2 of Kalia’s kits will be at butcher size next weekend, along with the last of Andromeda’s kits who is approaching 15 weeks old and has been ready for a couple of weeks. We didn’t want to do just one though. It’s a lot of set up to butcher and not worth it for just one.

We will give the other 3 of Serena’s kits and the other 2 of Kalia’s kits a few more weeks to gain size. One of Serena’s kits is a girl, so she can go in with the 2 of Kalia’s kits that will be left. That will free up a cage to wean the rest of Peresphone’s litter, which are all girls. Then Cinnabun’s two boys will go into the cage previously occupied by Andromeda’s last boy. If the lighter red kit gets sick and dies, then the remaining red kit will go in with Persephone’s two boys instead.

I am debating whether or not I want to do anymore breeding this year. I don’t want to be butchering in the coldest parts of winter. At the same time, though, I’d like Firefly and Luna Blue to have a litter this year. They are both six months old by October 1st. That would put them due at the beginning of November and their kits at butcher size by the start of February. Hmm, if I postpone breeding them until they are 7 months old, that would have their kits at butcher size at the start of March, which would be better. An early December birth isn’t too bad. Although an early November birth would be less cold. Well, I still have a half a month to think about it.


Serena and Kalia are both ready to be rebred now if I want to do that. They’ve had 2 weeks off after weaning and seem like they have their condition back. But I’ve been thinking of selling Serena. I had never planned on keeping her after she’d had a litter or two. I did want to give her one more litter and keep the best doe kit, but if I’m going to do that, then she’ll need to get pregnant soon. I really like her though. She’s a great mother. But since we are working towards a pedigree, I need one more generation. Her kit’s children will be pedigreeable. Hers are not. I also want to sell Felix and possibly Starbuck.

I love them both, but Felix was never meant to stay here so long. And Starbuck’s propensity to fling pee is starting to get worse. And Phoebe hates him. I really only need 3 bucks, and the 3 I’d want to keep are Wildfire, Leo, and Alexander. Well, we’ll see. I’ll get it all figured out eventually.


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