Potato Harvest

Things have been really crazy here the last couple of weeks. We had our first offer on the house, signed a contract, everything was going great and then the buyers did something to massively screw up their credit report and were denied the loan, so the sale fell through. For some reason I was cynical from the start about this, so I didn’t really have my hopes up, but it sure would have been nice if the thing had sold. Anyway it’s back on the market and hopefully the other people who were interested in it won’t have found something else in the meanwhile and will make an offer. Not that I’m holding my breath. It’s been a year and this was the first time anything went to a contract.

We did find out a few things need to be done, though. The hot water tank blow out line is not up to code. It was when it was put in, but the code has changed so now we have to have the PVC line replaced with a metal pipe and routed to the outside of the house. Apparently it is routed into the kitchen, which is not a good thing. That’s the only major thing, although we are still waiting for the L&I people to come and look at the wood stove and see if it is in code or not. It was when we bought the house, but again, things have changed since 1998 so it may no longer be. WA state has some major idiot laws about wood burning stoves and environmental standards. Way harsher than the ones the nation has. I am pretty sure Seattle is responsible. They tend to be for all that sort of stuff. Not really big on wood burning there with that kind of population density.

We did our potato harvest and got 83 pounds of potatoes from 15 pounds of organic seed potatoes, so a yield of about 5.5 pounds per pound planted. We got some crazy shaped ones, too. They are so good. We have been eating some of them the last couple days. We are canning a lot of them, too.

We have been getting a lot of broccoli, enough to have it for dinner twice a week. The tomatoes and zucchini are still going strong. The green beans are still coming, too. We haven’t had any frosts yet. I’m hoping that they won’t come until the end of the month so that the sweet meat squash will continue to size up. I’ve been pulling and using the little onions. I still have peppers growing, but its been a lot cooler so I don’t know how many will make it to maturity. I need to get out there tomorrow and pick some veggies.

I did a course of Corid on the entire rabbitry. Now I’m doing probiotics in their water. I had one kit get diarrhea and die, but it was weaning enteritis, I’m pretty sure. The other 18 youngest kits are all healthy and strong, though one has a nasty case of nest box eye. It is starting to improve with treatment.

The older kits are driving me crazy. They keep digging in their feeders and then the feed falls through into the urine trays. It is just wasteful. Well, since we dump the trays for the chickens to go through before we put them in the compost bin, the pellets do get eaten, just not by their intended livestock. This always happens at about this age, but I wish I could figure out a way to make it stop. I have another week before the husband is back and we can butcher quite a few of them then. That’ll stop it.

The littlest kits are pretty adorable right now. And they don’t have any bad habits yet.

I’ve been reading a lot and not writing too much. I’m still not feeling all that great. I can’t seem to shake this virus off completely. I am going to try to get caught up on my sleep this weekend. Hopefully that will help me to finally kick this thing to the curb.


3 thoughts on “Potato Harvest

  1. It’s interesting to hear that a house didn’t sell. We seem to be going through such a high spike in house sales/values here in Michigan that any house we think we like has a zero percent chance of being there when we can actually make offers.
    Good luck with buyers and hopefully something will come through.

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