Slaughter Day

I have a feeling this is going to be a big hearty soup and stew week. I’ve caught another cold and just putting a big pot of something on to eat off of for a few days seems like a good idea. Plus the weather has turned and it is going to be rainy all week.

We slaughtered eight rabbits today. We did the two remaining does from Kalia’s litter. Except one turned out to be a buck. We saved both of their pelts to tan. They had gorgeous smutty red coats. They were hard to do. It is easier when they are all white and you don’t know who is who. And we did the last six of Serena’s litter, which was supposed to be three does and three bucks, but was actually two does and four bucks, so that means five out of seven total were boys. I’m usually spot on with the sexes, but I hadn’t checked since we divided them up, since the white ones were pretty fierce kickers.

Live weights versus dress out weights:

Kalia’s Kits

Doe 5 lb 3.7 oz——–2 lb 9.7 oz
Buck 5 lb 3.4 oz——–2 lb 5 oz

Serena’s Kits

Buck 5 lb 0.4 oz——–2 lb 9.9 oz
Buck 4 lb 14.2 oz——-2 lb 8 oz
Buck 5 lb 1 oz———-2 lb 9 oz
Doe 5 lb 8.2 oz——–2 lb 13.4 oz
Buck 5 lb 4.2 oz——–2 lb 10.7 oz
Doe 5 lb 7.7 oz——–2 lb 11 oz

We had to throw out 2 of the 8 livers.

I still need to weigh the next batch, but I think most of them will be ready to slaughter next weekend. I think one of Cinnabun’s red kits was ready, but my husband’s limit in one day is eight, so he will get to stay with his litter mate with the crooked neck for at least another week. I don’t think crooked neck bunny will be big enough to do by then, though, so he may hang around for another month.

The batch we did today we will grind up most of the meat. I won’t do the front legs or the ribcages, because those are a pain in the neck to debone, but the saddles and back legs will get done. I think we will try to make some jerky with the flaps this time, though. I will use the recipe in the Ball Blue Book for making jerky. It doesn’t have nitrates or nitrites in it.

Tomorrow we have to do a run to the feed mill and pick up 500 pounds of rabbit feed. Yesterday we stocked up on turkey feed, duck and chicken feed, and hay, so we should be good for a while there. And I think that about covers it.


3 thoughts on “Slaughter Day

  1. onedogrunning says:

    Wondering why you had to throw out a couple of livers?

    • LuckyRobin says:

      I treated for cocci last month. A couple of the livers still had spots. While the meat is safe to eat from a rabbit who has had cocci, the livers are not if they still have spots. There weren’t very many spots, but there were a few so those ones got tossed.

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