Can’t Seem to Shake This

I have been sick for pretty much the entire month of October. I’ve had a couple of days where I think I am turning the corner and starting to feel better and then I just go back down again. I have no energy. My nose is so red that it rivals Rudolph. By the time I am done taking care of the animals and whatever needs doing in the garden in the morning, I have no interest in doing anything else for the rest of the day until it is time to take care of the animals at night. I really wish it would just go away. I’ve been to the doctor and it’s the flu, so all I can do is rest anyway. But it is driving me nuts.

I have been thinking about slaughtering all four turkeys instead of just two and keeping the breeding pair. I know the kids would hate that, but turkeys are a lot more work than chickens and ducks, plus the males are really strong and pushy. I have a hard enough time with balance without birds pushing against me. I do enjoy them, but with winter coming it is just another chore and with my lack of energy, I just don’t know if it is worth it. Of course the two worst offenders will be Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. Maybe after they are gone, it won’t be so bad.

The ducks have been laying like crazy. I currently have 7 dozen duck eggs in the fridge. I am going to have to make up some meatloaves for the freezer and make some baked goods if I can get up the energy, then see how to go about freezing eggs. We just can’t keep up with them. I do have some listed for sale on my local farmer’s group, but I usually only sell a couple dozen off a posting. Maybe I should just put a sign out front. Or maybe I should cut down my ducks to 3 females and 1 male. I could sell the other 2 females and male as a breeding trio.

The chickens are laying well, too. I get 4 eggs about every 36 hours from them. Their eggs are still pretty small and much easier to use up.

The rabbits are doing great, though I have noticed that the last couple batches of grow outs have taken longer to grow out. I’m sure it is the colder weather so they are having to use more calories to keep warm. I am still having troubles with the one kit’s eye. It’s been 4 weeks of treatment. The problem is that he has eyelashes on an inner eyelid that grow towards the eye ball. So no matter how it is treated the eyelashes will still irritate the eye.

I am starting to think I should just let the eye seal itself and be done. It is going to be blind in that eye no matter what I do. The eye is blue, not ruby like it should be. I don’t like just giving up on it, but if it can’t be healed and he’s only going to live another 6 weeks or so, I’m not sure there is much point continuing to treat. He doesn’t seem to be in discomfort and it’s not contagious, it’s a physical flaw. My only hesitation is that the treatments might be keeping something else at bay.

The garden continues to truck along. With all the rain I haven’t done a video update in a while. We have a clear day coming up on Saturday so I will try to do one then. I am still getting broccoli and I think I might actually get some cauliflower. The kale, leeks, and herbs are still going strong. I have a few kohlrabi I need to harvest and a couple of bell peppers that are ready. I need to pick some green beans. The zucchini has slowed way down but is still growing. The green onions will be ready to start using soon. The tomatoes are pretty much done as the weather has been in the 50’s. I am keeping the sweet meat squash on the vine as long as possible. So far there have been no frosts and there are none predicted for the next 10 days, just lots of rain. Sweet meat is 110 days so I will keep it on the vine until frost threatens. We are at day 100 or so, so I think we will make it.


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