My Sweet Sienna

My sweet Sienna has died. She broke her back. We don’t know how. She must have been jumping around in her cage and moved wrong. They are safe in a shed, so I don’t know how anything could have scared her, so she had to just be playing. She had been doing that a lot since we took the kits out last week. Too much exuberance, I guess. I’ve seen it before with kits. I am sad as she and Firefly were the ones I had planned on keeping of the adult red New Zealands. I was going to sell Cinnabun because she is cranky. Now I guess I will hold onto her a little while longer.

There were two does in Sienna’s litter. They are both pretty sweet and are a darker red. One has a small white spot on her face, like Sienna had on her side, the other one is fully red. I am debating on whether or not to grow one up or just let it go and only have the two red does. I am not sure. I could grow up one of the reds along with one of Serena’s next litter before I sell Serena. Or I might just not and keep the working does to a smaller number.

We cleaned out Sienna’s cage, washed it, and moved Cinnabun into it. Then we cleaned out and washed Cinnabun’s old cage and moved Firefly into it, so Firefly, who has been living in the same cage as Luna Blue, could be next to Luna Blue while making the transition into having their own cages. They don’t seem near as upset at being separated as Cinnabun and Sienna did when we separated them. They are almost 8 months old though, so spent almost 2 more months together than the other two so maybe they were more than ready to have their own space.

Man, I wish I had chocolate in the house.

4 thoughts on “My Sweet Sienna

  1. So sorry about Sienna. That is one of the negatives to farm life. 😦

  2. Celia York says:

    Oh, how sad. I’m so sorry. She sounds like such a sweet doe.

  3. foxtaylor says:

    So sad. Sorry for your loss 😦

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