Bunny Maintenance

We skipped last night on bunny maintenance. We were just really tired last night so only did the basics, water, pellets, oats, hay. We didn’t even play with them last night. Today we managed to get 3 more rabbits’ nails clipped. Starbuck who was quite happy to assume the position did not give us any trouble.

Leo, who is sorely in need of a wash, gave us very little problem, either, except when I did his dew claws, but those were last. His dew claws had started to curl under so it is good we got to them when we did. I gave him a good brushing, about half his coat came out in the brush he is shedding so badly, but I definitely think the old man is going to have to have a sink bath to clean his underside well and then have a nice long session with the blow dryer. He’s pretty laid back, probably the most laid back of all the bucks except his son Felix, so it shouldn’t be too difficult. Of course, I’ve only bathed the bottom halves of kits with the runs before, and I’m sure it is different when the rabbit weighs ten pounds.

We also clipped Wildfire’s claws. He must have gotten skipped the last time I did nails, because they were uber long. He did not want to sit for it. It took us four tries to get him into position and calm. Then after I’d finished his back legs, he squirmed out of position again. I got him done fairly quickly after that, except the dew claws which were curved so hard that it was difficult getting the cutter around the nails. But we did.

That leaves us with 6 more rabbits to do over the next 3 days, Serenity and Persephone we will do tomorrow, Firefly and Luna Blue we will do Thursday, and Felix and Alex we will do Friday and then I won’t have to worry about it again until January or so.

I’ll need to dump poo trays tomorrow. It is never ending it seems. And if any of them have built poo mats in the corner with hay I will have to take those out as well. With the heater on, low as it is, it increases any ammonia smells in there so we’ve got to be sticklers for not letting that build up. We might have snow on Thursday so it needs to get done before that. But by Friday it is supposed to warm and be raining again and then we can stop using the heater at night in the shed.

I was noticing tonight that at least 14 of the 18 kits look like they are at butcher size. Well, 2 are borderline. The other 4 are going to need a few more weeks, I think, but if all goes well, by the time Christmas gets here we should be down to just the adults, 5 bucks and 8 does. I still want to try to sell Felix. He’s a nice, laid back fellow, very calm. If I wanted animals in the house, he’d make a good house rabbit. If I can sell him, I will then be down to the 4 bucks I’d like to keep, and 8 does. We will see how it all turns out.


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