Got My Nails Done

Well, not my nails. My rabbits’ nails. Or claws. Regardless, I did Persephone, Alex, and Felix last night and Luna Blue, Firefly, and Serenity tonight. No problems last night. A little bit tonight. Firefly (above) was the most cooperative. It didn’t even phase her. Luna Blue did not want to assume the position, but once she did she was fine. It was the first time for both of them. Serenity, well, she went a little crazy on us because I cut one claw a little too far. It was broken and ragged and I was trying to fix it and just went to the blood line on accident. So it bled a little, but after we got her calm and put styptic powder on it, it stopped. Then I only had 2 more claws to do. So not bad, really, only cutting too deep on one claw out of 13 rabbits. She got lots of loving afterwards. I am glad to have that chore over with for a while.

The kits are growing pretty well. We did weights on the smallest grow out in each cage and 14 kits have hit over 5 pounds. I didn’t do weights on any of the other four. I can tell the 2 whites in the last cage are not big enough. I’m not even sure they are both at 4 pounds. The two reds in there are bigger than the whites, but they are still smaller than 5 pounds, so we’ll definitely give them more time. I am hoping to butcher some on the 12th since that is a day the kids will be on a choir field trip and won’t be around. They really don’t like being around on butcher days. And then maybe on the 14th we can do some more and we can dump the kids at the in-laws, perhaps.

My son has managed to wreck 3 water bottles this week by dropping them. The bottles themselves are fine, it is just the nozzles. They drip constantly now. I have to see if I can find some new nozzles that will go on my existing bottles. I know they make some that you can use on ordinary water bottles or soda bottles to convert them into water bottles for pets, so maybe those will work on my glass bottles. I hope so. They aren’t making this particular bottle anymore and it is really the best one for the job, in my opinion.

The kids have been home sick all week. They both think they are well enough to go back to school Friday (which I guess is technically today since it is after midnight). It has been hard having them home all the time. I don’t know how I got this way, since I was homeschooling last year and the year before, but I guess I’ve gotten used to having some time to myself during the day and it is weird not having that now. I really liked having time just for me.

The rest of the critters are doing fine. I am still getting an awful lot of eggs from the ducks and my Barnevelder chickens lay daily now. The turkeys are spending a lot of time in the coop. I am hoping now that it has warmed up a little and will continue to do so this week they will spend some time out in the pen. I am thinking about getting a heated waterer for the turkeys. I can get a three gallon one for about $35. I might end up getting one for the ducks and chickens, too, but I’m more concerned about the turkeys since they are confined. The ducks and chickens roam all over and have access to far more water sources.

Tomorrow I have to dump rabbit trays. We cleaned out all the bedding Wednesday night, but it was so cold we didn’t do trays. It’ll be warmer so we’ll do them Friday afternoon. Then hopefully we can scrape out the turkey coop since the poop will no longer be frozen solid. That won’t be pleasant, but it has to be done. The duck coop got done today, though I am still not feeling great myself. I had to take advantage of the above freezing weather while I had the chance.

Does anyone who reads this blog have any remedies for the horrible rash you can get under your nose when it is constantly being blown? I have tried using Eucerin, Aquaphor, Vaseline, MSM cream, Neosporin, diaper rash cream, zinc oxide, sun burn cream, and straight vitamin E oil. Nothing is working and it really hurts. The skin is very cracked and dry. Even if I have to make it myself, if I know it will actually work, I’m happy to try. Even the tissues with lotion in them are not gentle enough anymore. It is just so painfully raw and it is making it hard to use a nasal rinse or my C-PAP machine which uses the nasal pillows. Hope someone knows of something. I am tempted to get bag balm at this point. It feels like it is the only thing I have not tried.


8 thoughts on “Got My Nails Done

  1. onedogrunning says:

    Definitely try some mashed comfrey leaf or turmeric powder mixed with water. Good luck!

  2. Laura Marks says:

    Lanolin!! I got some when I was nursing my first baby, who is about to turn 12, and we still keep it in the house because it cures everything chapped. My son is 6 and does that thing where he licks his lips all the time. A little lanolin at bedtime and it’s better in the morning.

    I hope this helps!!

  3. valbjerke says:

    We go through tubs of bag balm around here…..I’d give that a try.

  4. honour says:

    Sensitive, dry,cracked, painful upper lip: You’ve allergies so I suggestion seeing a dermatologist for a RX. Failing that what household products have you used for dry skin elsewhere without bad effects/reaction? We use coconut oil [face cream consistency] for skin care in our oh so cold, dry climate, but mostly as a cooking oil. It will seem expensive but a tsp goes a long way.

    Do you use EVOO or good quality olive oil for frying? If you rub a bit on your finger do you get a reaction after an hour? If you don’t mind smelling a bit odd, you might try dabbing a teeny bit on your upper lip/philtrum to see if it helps without allergic consequences. You will need to repeat several times a day until your skin heals.

    I really recommend seeing a dermatologist as the potential for infection and all those problems may be lurking. Be sure to tell him about the animal care.

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