A Lot of Storm Damage

In the huge windstorm that hit WA state last night, we suffered quite a bit of damage. We lost half the roof off the duck coop and a quarter of the roof off the turkey coop. The chicken coop did fine. None of the birds were hurt, since there is a solid wooden ceiling under each roof. We are going to have to do something different for the roofs. Probably metal.

The neighbors behind us had a tree come down and take out the neighbors beside them’s fence. It was a very big tree and if it had fallen in our direction could have taken out either part of the garage or the rabbit shed and turkey coop. We have been telling them for years that those trees are uprooting and need to come down. We actually did a thing a few years back with a lawyer informing them that they would be legally responsible if their trees came down and wrecked anything on our property and they signed it. So it is not like they didn’t know. They are very lucky it didn’t hit a dwelling and no people or animals were injured.

I heard from a lady today who is interested in buying the NZ red kit we have nicknamed Spot. Because she has a white spot on her face. She is looking for a companion rabbit for her NZ white doe and it sounds like she will be doing a small colony with possibly raising meat rabbits when she gets a buck later on. I am selling Spot at a discount as she would be disqualified as a show rabbit, but she is fine as a pet or breeder for someone just in it for meat or companionship. She is coming out to see her tomorrow. It would be nice to know one of Sienna’s kits is out there in the world.

I have another lady who is interested in incubating some duck eggs in January, so hopefully that will pan out as well. And another lady who used to be a regular customer of duck eggs of mine until she got her own ducks, but hers have quit laying on her, so she wants to start buying from me again next week or so. These are very small little income streams, but they do help to pay for some of the feed.

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