A Little Nostalgic

I was organizing my rabbitry photos tonight and came across this one of Lola and some of her kits eating fodder. There are days when I still miss Lola, even if she was skittish as all get out and difficult to handle. Of course when I look at Luna Blue I see a lot of her mother in her. And some of her grandma Piper, who I still miss every day. Fortunately Luna has Piper’s temperament and not Lola’s, which is what you get when you hand raise a kit on raw goat’s milk after her mama dies. Though Luna’s overriding genetics is clearly her father Starbuck. She’s the only one of his children that does the hula dance like he does. One of these days I will have to get that on video.

I am thinking about starting up my fodder system again after the holidays. It is so dreary out and I think the rabbits could use a bit of a pick me up. I have been thinking about sprouting barley for the birds, too. I’d only do the 3 days of growth for them instead of the 6 to 7 days I did for the rabbits. I never got to use my new heavy duty trays when I quit doing it last spring or whenever it was. I’ve done a lot more research in the meanwhile and I think I can prevent the problems that I had before. But before I can even think about fodder we need to deep clean and reorganize the kitchen. And the living room which is half pantry at this point.

The husband managed to get the turkey coop and pen cleaned out, but we still have not gotten any of the 17 kits butchered. 15 of them are at butcher size. Though I am wavering again on Sienna’s doe kit. Ever since we sold Spot she has gotten very friendly and put on quite a bit of growth. And her coat is darkening nicely. So I might just give her a chance after all. I am such a waffler sometimes. Anyway, we hope to get some of the kits butchered this weekend.

I’m still not feeling great, but at least the rash under my nose has cleared up. It was so painful for so long. It’s still dry, but no longer cracked. I’ll be glad when it completely heals. And I finally slept better last night. I hope that means this virus or flu is finally moving along. After 2 months and almost 3 weeks of being sick, I hope I am finally starting to beat the doggone thing.

One thought on “A Little Nostalgic

  1. I feel the nostalgia from time to time as well- these rabbits can get us attached no matter what we do sometimes. Glad you are feeling better!

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