And the Sick is Back

I woke up this morning at 4 a.m. with the most awful coughing and brochial spasms, I thought for sure I was going to faint from it. I managed to get back to sleep until 7 when I had another fit and the husband ran to the pharmacy to ask them for what was the best over the counter cough medicine they had and threw a bag of cough drops at me. I dozed until he got back with it at 8 and then I called the doctor and got an appointment. I went back to sleep until time for the appointment. It felt like I’d had the onset of walking pneumonia, but thankfully that is not what it was.

He sent me home with a prescription for the really good cough syrup, the kind with hydrocodone, and called in an antibiotic, and gave me the name of a cream to try for the rash under my nose, which came back yesterday or the day before. We dropped off the prescription and then the husband took me home and I went back to bed. At some point he went and got the prescriptions because when I woke up they were on the bed rail.

The cough syrup is helping, but I definitely think I am down for the count. I’m not sure what that means for Christmas. If I still feel like this the only thing I’ll be making is rabbit noodle soup, not a grand turkey with all the trimmings.

At some point one of my old duck egg customers came by today and bought 2 dozen eggs. My son handled it. We’ve only been getting 2 to 3 duck eggs a day, but 4 chicken eggs, so we still have plenty for sale. We will take some out for the in-laws at Christmas (well, if I don’t go, DH will) and some for making the eggnog. The ducks seem to still be very happy. They all hang out together, there is no more segregation and the one drake does not over tax the females. And poor Lemon almost has her feathers grown back in.

This month I have made $126.50 on sales from the homestead. $67.50 was from our first sale of rabbit meat. We did the whole thing where the customer buys the live animals and then we butcher it as a complementary service. She walked away with 4.5 pounds (which works out to $7 a pound live weight or $15 a pound hanging weight) and with another order for February. And then of course the live rabbit sale of Spot. The rest was egg sales. This is the most I’ve ever made in a month off our little urban farm. I’m very pleased.

We need to get more butchering done, but the husband may be on his own again for that. And my wavering about the red doe kit is over. She bit my son twice this week, so that is not a kit I want to grow up. She sealed her fate. It is just as well, though. As for my son, he was very happy to see that the Kevlar animal sleeves (sort of like gauntlets) had arrived today. He is so done with bitey rabbits.


6 thoughts on “And the Sick is Back

  1. akosirima says:

    I hope you feel better soon 🙂

  2. Feel better soon! 🙂

  3. Get well soon and happy holidays!

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