The Day After

I am glad the holidays are over. My favorite gifts were the Krups spice and coffee grinder and the book Beyond the Pellet. We don’t drink coffee, but I do grow my own herbs and spices and I can now make my own powders from those things. And I can dehydrate garlic slices and grind them into garlic powder. Same with dehydrated chiles for much better tasting Mexican seasonings. I am looking forward to making some seasoning blends.

I haven’t had a chance to read the book yet, but its all about raising rabbits on natural foods that you grow and forage and not on pellets, thus cutting your costs way down. I am looking forward to reading that, but have to finish the book I am reading first. It is due back at the library soon and I can’t check it out again.

Yesterday was stressful. My husband peeled a chunk of flesh out of his finger when he was peeling potatoes and I had to take him to the Emergency Room since the bleeding wouldn’t stop. The ER was deserted and we got right in, but we had to stay for a couple of hours while it continued to bleed. It wasn’t the sort of wound they can stitch. I changed his dressing today and it looks nasty. It leaked blood all night and still is a little. Not so much to be worried about, but I’d be happier if it stopped. I am tempted to try styptic powder on it tomorrow if it is still leaking blood and see if that helps.

His dad and my mom are going to come help butcher rabbits. He hurt his left index finger, which is not his primary hand, but I still don’t want him poking around in the innards of rabbits while it heals, even if it is covered in a waterproof sheath. Hopefully we can get through enough of them that the remaining kits won’t be crowded. Half of the 17 remaining kits would be good. I doubt we will be able to do all of the 14 that are ready, though. My mom has butchered chickens and ducks. I think my FIL has only gutted fish before. He grew up on a dairy farm, but that was all they did there. But he’s willing. I think the husband will still do the kill and skinning, but the gutting will be the others.

I am still too ill to help much. The antibiotics are starting to work, but I am still coughing up a lot of junk and being out in the elements is not a good idea according to everyone else. Not that I actually want to spend much time out from under the covers anyway. At least the kids are well now and picking up some of the slack. That’s one of the nice things about having teenagers. They aren’t totally dependent on their parents.


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