Cast Iron Mastery!

I am now the master of my cast iron. Today I cooked an omelet in my small skillet and it came out perfectly, no sticking at all. It was the last thing I had to master and now I feel like I can make absolutely anything in cast iron. Well, except for acid foods, but that’s the pan, not me.

2 egg Omelet

2 fresh chicken or duck eggs
1 tbsp of diced yellow bell pepper
1 tbsp of diced green bell pepper
1 tbsp of diced red bell pepper
1 diced green onion, both white and green parts
1/2 oz of cheddar cheese
1 oz diced low-sodium ham
Salt and pepper to taste

Melt some butter in a cast iron pan heated to medium and mix your eggs, adding a couple grinds of salt and pepper.

Add vegetables and low-sodium ham to the pan and saute for 2 minutes.

Add more butter to the pan and turn heat down to halfway between medium and medium low. When butter has melted pour in your eggs. Let eggs cook for one minute and then make a few holes in your omelet, letting the uncooked portion drain through to the pan. Place a lid over your pan, checking every 30 seconds until egg looks cooked through, about 2 to 3 minutes. Add cheese. Fold omelet in half and remove from pan.

I’ve lost 5 pounds since starting my new diet on December 31st. I’m very happy with that. I already feel better and can see the changes. My flu is really starting to retreat as well. I finally feel like I am really on the mend. Some tiredness and a runny nose is pretty much what is left.

I’ve been only getting 1 duck egg for the past week or so, but today and yesterday there were 2, so I think the girls are starting to swing back into production as the days lengthen. I am having to use more chicken eggs, of which there are a lot, so that I have enough duck eggs for my one duck egg customer.

It’s warmed up enough again that the turkeys are willing to come outside. They were staying in their coop up on the perches during the really cold weather. They didn’t seem to want to put their feet on the ground, even with straw down for them. The chickens would cluster around the dryer vent or the bathroom fan vents. The ducks didn’t care at all. They don’t seem to notice the cold. Now that it is 40 and rainy again everyone is happy to be outside. I am also happy that George and Gina are hanging out more together now. There has been a lot of one turkey in the coop while the other turkey is in the pen when it wasn’t cold. I don’t want my breeding pair to ignore each other, but then again, I don’t want Gina to get hurt by overbreeding either. Though I haven’t seen any breeding behavior between them yet. They are still young and I’m not sure when George will hit breeding age. Some toms don’t until their second year and they won’t be one until April 9th.

I need to have DH make a nesting box for Gina the next time he comes home. She should start laying in February or March as the days lengthen. These will be her first eggs. Does anyone who reads this blog raise turkeys? What have you done for nesting boxes for them?

On the rabbit front, Luna Blue really wants to be bred. She is crazy for it. Firefly will be bred at the same time. She is also ready, though not as crazy about it. She lifts her tail a lot, but not like Luna who seems to perpetually have her tail up when she’s not running in crazy circles around her cage. I am trying to hold off until January 29th, which will give me a delivery date of February 28 or March 1st, which are both on a weekend. We should be past the danger of the super cold months by then. I may give in though. With the heater set on low in there I can control the temps better. We’ll see.


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