Them Bones

Gracious, but I am one tired and sore girl. I wouldn’t think deboning ten rabbits would give me such a backache! It took me 2 hours. It is not as easy as they make it look on youtube, that’s for sure. I did all but the front legs. There are just too many tendons in the front legs, so those got put into “wing” bags for freezing. I cut the meat off of everything else and then set aside all the bones for making stock tomorrow. I filled 5 gallon sized baggies with the meat for grinding. That will be frozen and then ground when the husband comes back home.

I’m sure I could figure out how to work the meat grinder on my own, but I really don’t want to clean it afterwards. I hate cleaning out fiddly things and the husband doesn’t seem to mind that sort of thing.

I will have to do two stockpots for the bones. I will get a lot of stock out of that, I’m sure. I think I will also make some actual soup in pint jars. I wish I could add noodles without them getting all soggy, but noodles will just have to be added in in the future when I actually make the soup. Or not. The soup will still taste great without noodles.

I seem to be getting 2 duck eggs again now. It had gone down to one a day for a week. It is weird only seeing 5 ducks out there instead of 6. I’m sure I’ll get used to it, though. I am still getting eggs daily from the Barnevelders. They are the most consistent chickens I’ve ever had. I found some plans for making a turkey nesting box for Gina. I think it will be big enough.

There were 2 showings this weekend on the house. One of them seemed really interested, but did not have their financing in place. I’m not holding my breath. Usually those types have no idea what their credit is like and are totally unprepared to be buying. But one can hope these folks aren’t like that.

The L&I wood stove inspector finally got off his butt and went to the house to inspect the stove, but of course didn’t bother to look at the form that said the house was vacant and he would have to make an appointment for someone to actually be there to let him in the house because it is vacant. We applied for it back in August. Now he wants us to pay for another inspection because he wasted his time and gas going out there! I was not happy. I am going to complain to his supervisor, because the instructions were clear and it is not our fault he didn’t bother to read them.

There is a business in town that installs and maintains wood stoves and we may be better off having them come out and look at it and make sure it is up to code before dealing with the L&I bozo again. I don’t even know why this falls under L&I. Washington state wood stove laws are the weirdest and most stringent in the nation, worse than the national laws. This is of course due to the population base in the Seattle/Tacoma area and the fact that they don’t actually heat with wood, so they can be all tree huggy about it. They don’t really worry about the rest of the state being pretty rural and maybe not having access to things like natural gas or sometimes even propane for heating.

It isn’t even like we installed that wood stove. It was in the house when we bought it. But the codes and laws have changed since then. Drives me crazy. I think old stuff should just be grandfathered in. Oh, well, this entry was not meant to be a rant about stoves and dumb WA state laws.

We still need to get the emergency outlet valve on the hot water tank piped to the outside of the house, too. Hopefully the husband will get on that, too, when he comes back home, because it is also a “laws have changed/code violation” that has to be fixed before the house can be closed on.

I am finally getting over the flu. Still a little coughing, and a runny nose, and I’m tired, but I am getting way more functional, which is really, really nice. I feel like it is actually going away now. Hopefully that will continue.

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