Our Two New Ducks

Our two new ducks have arrived and they are beautiful. I was expecting the Blue Swedish to be pretty, but I was not expecting it with the Khaki Campbell. The integration was bumpy and I wasn’t sure if they would be able to be housed in the same coop the first night or not. If not, we would have locked the two new ducks up in Fort Knox for the night and hoped things went a little better after a full day together tomorrow. But we didn’t have to do that. They are all in together, though they are arguing a lot. The main thing is that Tansy is being a bit of a bully. I have never seen ducks chest bump before, but I sure recognized it from the chickens and turkeys.


Bluebell desperately wants to be accepted by Wade. Daisy doesn’t want to let Bluebell out of her sight. Bluebell has tried a couple times to get between Addy and Wade and neither of them like that since they are pretty inseparable. Hopefully Wade will accept her and things will settle down and she will stop trying to get between Addy and Wade.

I looked in on them through the window when I went out to do the rabbits and they had settled down a lot, but were still muttering way more than usual. But all the posturing had stopped. We’ll see how they are in the morning. They will probably boil out of the doors, which is what happens whenever their lives are disrupted by something new.

In other news, I will be selling one of the 4 month old New Zealand White rabbit does tomorrow to someone who needs a second meat doe. I had to mark the gentle one’s ear tonight. I didn’t want to give her the skittish doe by mistake. I also double checked the sex, though I was sure they were both girls. I get a little paranoid about that. I’ve never sold one and had it be the wrong sex, but I hear about people doing it all the time. They are still both girls, though.

On the house front, we have accepted one of the two offers we got this week and the realtor dropped by tonight for me to sign the papers. They had faxed them to the husband to get his signature first since he is out of state right now. So we are officially under contract pending an inspection and an appraisal by their bank. I’m pretty happy with the offer. They gave us our asking price, but asked for 3% for closing costs. I just hope this one doesn’t fall through like the last one did. But since they have an acceptance letter from their bank, I’m pretty sure all will be well. Since our asking price is $18K under what zillow estimates it is worth, I think we will be okay with the bank appraisal. Despite that I would appreciate prayers and positive vibes sent my way that this actually goes through this time.


3 thoughts on “Our Two New Ducks

  1. Celia York says:

    I will keep my fingers crossed for you on the house sale! Good luck!

    We have always introduced new birds after dark. When they wake up all together we’ve never had any problem with everybody getting along. There is minor jostling for position but a lot less tendency to fixate on the new arrivals.

  2. my first duck was a Khaki Campbell, dad hatched 4 dicklings from under a hen. Was all very exciting. I normally always have one or two of that breed but I found them hard to source last year after an attack on our garden. Might give it another go. I currently have 7 Muscovy’s, 2 Aylesbury and 4 Welsh Harliquins.

  3. Alisa says:

    Yay – congrats on the new ducks and house offer!

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