It’s Been a While

Wow, I can’t believe I haven’t posted since the 13th. I’ve been fine, just there is a lot going on with the house sale, which still seems to be on track for an end of February closing, and the repairs and stuff we are doing. The duck coop roof is back on and the husband has been building the frame for the new turkey coop roof. His father is going to help him put it on. They don’t think it’ll take more than an hour. Also a couple panels blew off the top of the turkey pen as well, so hopefully those will get put back in place tomorrow. I think we are set for butchering on Saturday, and then on Sunday father-in-law will help to wash cages while he’s here. With five of us working on it, it should go fairly quickly.

Once the cages are cleaned we can rearrange the rabbits and get the ones who will be bred first in February into the Mama cages. Firefly and Luna will be up first, but I’ll move all of the rabbits around based on the upcoming breeding schedule. I think Leo might have fur mites. It looks like dandruff, but he’s had it a while, despite good brushing, so I need to pick up some medicine for him. He keeps rolling around like he is itchy. He won’t breed until the medicine is well out of his system. I don’t know if it will affect anything, but better safe than sorry. None of the other rabbits have it.

The ducks are all getting along very well. The two new girls have been accepted into the flock and Wade is mating with them. We have gotten 2 eggs for the past 2 days so either one of the new girls has relaxed and started laying or one of the goldens has started responding to the longer daylight hours. Getting only 1 egg a day since December has been weird. I was so used to such a glut of eggs for a while there. Both Bluebell and Daisy are not one yet, so if they hadn’t been so stressed from the predator at their old home they would have been laying through the winter just like Addy, who is about their age, is. So I suspect it is one of them. It’s a small egg, though, closer in size to a chicken egg. I know they can be smaller after they haven’t laid for a while so it might be that. Or it might be that the Blue Swedish egg is smaller, but I don’t know that for sure. I would assume the Khaki Campbell egg is the same size as a Welsh Harlequin egg, since WH’s are descended from KC’s.

I have officially lost 9 pounds on my diet since December 31st. I am starting to feel a difference in my clothes now. I hope I can keep this up. I still have quite a ways to go.

My new bread machine that I got for Christmas works a treat. I really love that it makes loaves of bread in the shape of actual loaves of bread. It makes it so much easier to make sandwiches since they will fit in sandwich bags. And it is nice not to have to take it out of the bread machine, put it into loaf pans, let it rise, and then bake in the oven like I had to do with Mom’s machine if I didn’t want round loaves. I’m done buying bread from the store from now on.


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