Breeding Day for the Rabbits

I started breeding the rabbits today after taking the last few months off. I chose to mate Wildfire and Firefly and they did really well and had several fall offs right away. I also chose to mate Luna Blue with Felix. She would not lift for him. After a half an hour I tried her with Alexander. Again, no lifting. After another half an hour I put her in with Leo and left her there for a few hours. Hopefully something happened. It wasn’t what I wanted, but Leo is very experienced and gentle and if anyone can get her to lift, it would be him. To be on the safe side, I decided to breed Persephone and Starbuck and that was very successful. I didn’t want to risk having only one litter with no foster mother available. So now I will either have two litters for sure and possibly a third. They will be due February 28/March 1st.

I bought a new pool for the ducks today. The old one had cracked. The weather has been so mild it is just sad not having a pool for them. Today was 57 degrees F and glorious. They were so excited to get a new pool. Daisy didn’t even wait until it was half full before getting in. Bluebell went in as soon as I took the hose out and then Wade jumped in. They had so much fun swimming in circles and preening. The others did not get in the pool but they all dunked their heads and played in the water. It takes so little to make ducks happy. And all their little backsides were wagging like a dog’s tail.

I think Kyri is not long for this world. Either that or she has injured her hip because she is walking really funny. She has been for a couple weeks, but today it was really bad. She looks like an old grandma shuffling along. She is almost four years old, which is not super old for a chicken, but it is for a chicken who has been exposed to lights every winter. She’s still laying though. Her distinctive blueish egg is still there a few times a week. If she dies, Mom will be down to five chickens and then I have my four.

I canned beef roast chunks today. I got 5 quarts and 1 half-pint. I was down to 2 pints of beef on the shelf, so I am glad to have got some more done. We really like to make beef stew or rabbit stew about once a week. There is still plenty of canned rabbit, though. I need to dig around in the freezer. I am pretty sure I have some more roasts in there I can can. It’s just a question of looking.


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