Luna Has Calmed Down

Luna has calmed down so much I think Leo must have successfully bred her. She hasn’t had any of the freak outs and circle runs and loud grunting noises since being bred. And she’s become much more affectionate. Of course she is now in the magic cage, too. We’ve always put the worst behaved rabbits into the magic cage after breeding and suddenly their personalities are no longer crazy. Of course I think it has more to do with being bred, but then again, every time a nutjob rabbit goes into the cage it seems to calm down.

We got the garden cleanup done today. There is nothing more left from the garden last year and what was left of the hay and straw bales was spread on the duck yard. The ducks and chickens had a field day going through it. We also put one wheel barrow load into the turkey pen. The turkeys were very happy since there were lots of worms to eat.

I had chives coming up. The warm days in the 50’s have really confused the plants around here. My son dug up the chives and put them in a pot for now since where they were growing was going to be destroyed. I just hope the weather does not confuse the fruit trees. Early budding can be a catastrophe if it starts and then a hard frost hits.

Mom wants to take up the concrete from the old garage pad. It would be nice if she actually follows through, because then I could plant my garden on dirt this year and not on concrete. But she’s said she’s wanted to do this for the past couple years and hasn’t. I hope it gets done before I’d want to build new raised beds. There are only a couple of months to go before early planting time. I want to have seeds in by the last week of April.

I don’t want to start late again like I did last year. Since we will be here for at least another year after the house sells, I want to grow a lot more than last year, but I have to jockey for the space to do it, especially with Mom wanting to grow so much non-GMO corn that she wants to use for bird feed. And we still have to leave enough space for the birds to roam. Oh, well, we’ll figure it out. We always do.

One of the farms we were looking at has big electrical transmission lines running through it and they are too close to the house for my liking. That was why it was so affordable. So we will have to save for a year to have a much better down payment to afford one of the more expensive five acre farms. It’s the wisest choice for our pocketbook, if not for our sanity. My Mom is a pretty great person, but she has moments where she drives us all a little crazy. I will be glad when we can actually move out and not have to deal with that so much.


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