Rabbit, Beef, and Pork Meatballs

So I made up a new recipe today for meatballs. It was based off a recipe that used beef, pork, and lamb, but a whole lot of bread. I didn’t like the idea of using an entire loaf of bread in a meatball recipe, but I definitely wanted to try something other than my old meatball recipe which works with beef, but leaves rabbit a little dry. This is what I did.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.

1 pound ground rabbit
1 pound ground beef
1 pound ground pork
1/2 cup of Italian style panko bread crumbs (I use Ian’s because it doesn’t have a ton of junk in it)
2 duck eggs
1/2 cup of shredded parmesan cheese

In a large mixing bowl pull apart the rabbit, beef, and pork. Add the eggs and mix with your hands. Then add the bread crumbs and mix in. Then add the cheese. (You could add minced garlic if you want to, but the sauce I was making was heavy on the garlic so I did not).

Form into 16 3 oz meatballs. Place into a large baking pan. Bake for 40 minutes. Remove from oven. Simmer for 10 minutes in spaghetti sauce. Serve over spaghetti, 2 to 3 meatballs per person. They were very tasty. I ate 2 and my two teenagers had three each.

I saved half the meatballs to use in meatball sandwiches for tomorrow’s dinner. Those ones I did not simmer in the sauce.

On the rabbit front, things are going well. Firefly has taken all four urine guards off her cage and stacked them neatly in the center two days running, so today we zip-tied them onto her cage. She wasn’t happy, but those need to stay in place, since there is no baby-saver wire on the cage walls. I want her to be used to them being there before she gives birth. Luna hasn’t messed with hers at all. Some of the does don’t seem to mind them. Others constantly try to take them off. The bucks have never messed with them at all. I need to get 4 more washed up and put into Persephone’s cage before too much longer.

I am consistently getting 2 duck eggs a day. I sold one dozen duck eggs to a new customer on Friday and I have my regular customer coming by for 2 dozen on Monday. The Barnevelders are laying every day. Gina has not started laying yet. George has shown more interest in the new nesting box than Gina has, though he is so big he can barely fit in it.

We had another big wind storm this week and both the new turkey coop roof and the repaired duck coop roof stayed in place. Also the turkey pen roof that was also repaired stayed in place. I was very pleased because all kinds of things were flying around from people’s yards.

I treated Leo with Ivermectin paste for fur mites on the 4th. A rabbit gets a pea sized lump of it. I got the apple flavored stuff and he gobbled it right down. Within 24 hours I saw an improvement. He has perked up so much. He is a happy bunny again. He is no longer rolling in his poop and he has cleaned his fur very well. Each day since treatment he looks cleaner than the day before. He is coming out of his cage and running around on the shed floor which he has had no interest in doing for a long time.

I will have to treat him again on the 18th and then again on March 4th. The first dose kills the mites, but not the eggs. The second dose kills those that hatch out of those eggs and should kill them before they can lay eggs, but just in case some get through, the third dose ends the problem. He is also getting daily coat brushes. He is shedding so I am getting a lot of fur when I do it, but he loves to be brushed and always has. None of the other rabbits have any signs of mites. I don’t know how he got it without anyone else getting it, but I am glad.

I bought layer crumbles for the ducks and chickens this week, a couple of rabbit chew toys, and an egg pail for collecting eggs. Once the girls kick into gear again, I won’t be able to hold all the eggs in my pockets and hands, so figured a cute pail would be worth the investment.

It’s been a busy week here outside the farm stuff. I had a doctor’s appointment and physical therapy and my son had a dentist appointment. Tomorrow I go in for a blood draw and I also have a dentist appointment. I’ve scheduled my yearly mammogram. I have to get them young and yearly since my mother had breast cancer at 30. Although yearly sometimes turns into 1.5 years, but I do try to stay on it. My doctor’s appointment went well. He’s happy with my weight loss and my cholesterol numbers have improved so much he’s halved the dosage on that medication. After 6 months at half dose if they continue to improve based on my blood work, I’ll get to go off the cholesterol drug entirely, though we will monitor with blood work. I don’t know if it will, since high cholesterol runs in my family, but he seems hopeful that if I continue to eat how I am eating now, I can get off it.

The house sale continues to chug along. Their bank has gone out to see it on Friday. I haven’t heard how it went, but they may not even know yet. As far as I know we are still on track to close on or before the 26th of February. I am still a little afraid to believe it is entirely true, but I so hope this sale goes through. I really don’t want to be disappointed again.


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