This Just Makes Me Want to Garden More

I am excited to see that some of my garlic is 3 inches high already! We are having such a mild winter here. I think maybe from October through to now we’ve had a total of 3 weeks where it was below freezing and they weren’t all in a row either. It seems like every time the east or the mid-west gets socked with snow we get warmer weather here in the PNW. There is a lot of rain and a lot of mud, but so far no snow. I am grateful for that as I really dislike snow and what it means for doing farm chores or trying to drive. I mean, it is pretty and all, but the novelty always wears off in 24 hours. I don’t like to be cold.

I’ve been doing some more aquaponics research and I’ve finally found a system that is reasonably affordable and has free shipping. I’ve been reading up on it all day between chores and housework and watched their system build on youtube today. It’s called It looks easy to set up and definitely not too difficult for a beginner. So many of the systems I have looked at are ridiculous when it comes to price. It’s not only cheaper than all of the other systems I have looked at, it has more growing space. So I think that is what we will go with when we finally start our aquaponics project. Unless I find something cheaper.

There are a few places in my state where I can order trout fingerlings, and I think that is probably what we would go with here. If we went with tilapia we’d have to heat the water in spring, fall, and winter. If we go with trout, we might have to cool the water in the summer, but we wouldn’t have to worry too much otherwise. I still have to do some more reading on the actual fish angle of things. There is so much more available on the plant end of things.

I was excited to see that the flowering cherry trees at the high school are blooming. They are such a pretty pink. I will try to remember to take my camera and see if I can get a photo this week. The dogwoods won’t be far behind and then we’ll be seeing the bright yellow blossoms of forsythia and spring really will be on the way. The daffodils and tulips are starting to push up. Just a couple inches of green above the soil, but it holds such promise for things to come. The itty bitty crocus are also pushing up.

I’ve been doing weekly fur checks on all of the rabbits because of Leo and his mite situation and today when I checked Felix I noticed he had them, too. But he won’t eat the paste like Leo did, so I went ahead and ordered the liquid topical from Amazon. I’ll use it on Felix when it comes. None of the other rabbits are showing signs of it. Felix wasn’t a week ago. I had to order a 250 mL bottle. it was the smallest size they have. Rabbits only need a few drops. Oh, well, I can use it on the turkeys, chickens, and ducks, too, if they ever get mites.

I need to clip nails again. I noticed that Kalia, in particular, really needs it done. I did do all of the rabbits I bred the day I bred them so they will be fine for a while. I didn’t want to have to do their nails while they were pregnant or in the first couple of weeks after kindling. I also did Serenity. I won’t do what I did before and do a couple rabbits a night until I run out of rabbits. We have a four day weekend coming up so I will try to get them all done during that time when my son will be free to help.

We put down 3 full leaves of straw in the turkey pen today. The turkeys have been refusing to come out of the coop because the pen was so muddy. With the straw down they are happy to come out. They are very fastidious birds. I need to remember to add diatomaceous earth to their potting soil dust bath container. I have not seen mites on any of the birds, but I’m a little paranoid now that it has shown up on a second rabbit.

The duck yard is a mess, which the ducks just love, of course.


I keep almost losing my boots to the mud. I went down about 4 inches today. I may have to give up on the insulated ankle boots and switch to the knee high muck boots. This is the spot where it went deepest.


That is the only saving grace about frozen ground. You don’t lose your boots to it.

2 thoughts on “This Just Makes Me Want to Garden More

  1. foxtaylor says:

    Looks even muddier than my duck enclosure… and I thought mine was really bad! I love hearing their feet slapping on the mud haha

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