The First of What Will Probably Be Many Garden Plans

So I spent about an hour drawing up my plans for my 2015 main garden. It will consist of 1 long strawberry bed that runs the length of the garden, with about 2 to 3 feet between it and the blackberry canes. Then branching off it like an E, the wider beds will go. The shorter bed will be a foot less wide than the other two bigger beds. I know they look crowded, but some of the stuff written on them is for succession planting. And some of it is because I am going to use the French Intensive method in a raised bed where the roots will easily be able to go two feet down into lots of rabbit poop fertilizer.

I think I am actually going to be quite pleased with the result. Corn and potatoes will be planted elsewhere on the property. And maybe some more sweet meat squash at the feet of the corn. The goal with the corn is to have enough for us to have a few fresh ears and maybe a bit of canned, and then to dry the rest to crack for the birds to eat. The corn we are planting is fast to mature at 55 and 75 days so it has a better chance than many that are grown in this area.

Tomorrow I am going to go ahead and plant just a few radish seeds in the gutter garden. I know it is early, but we’ve been having great weather, so if I plant some seeds I might get something and if not, no big deal. I have a ton of radish seeds. Even if they don’t make it all the way to radishes before a frost threatens, I can pull the greens and have a tasty topper to my winter cabbage salads.

The rabbits are getting ready to give birth on Saturday. They all have quite different nesting styles.

It will be exciting to have kits again. It was nice to have a break for the cold season, but I miss my little snugglies.


2 thoughts on “The First of What Will Probably Be Many Garden Plans

  1. Buffy says:

    It looks like a great plan!

  2. atkokosplace says:

    Awww your rabbits are so cute…soon babies! Great video!

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