She Did It!!

My Royal Palm turkey Gina laid her first egg. I am so excited. I was starting to get impatient as she will turn one on April 9th. I tried to get a good picture, but it really washed out whether I used the flash or not, but the egg is light pink with dark pink speckles all over it. Right now it is the size of a duck egg, but it will get bigger.

Of course she did not lay it in the nesting box, she laid it outside in the turkey pen in the fresh straw we put down today. I am wondering if I need to make a nest box for outside, too. It was nice to collect an egg that wasn’t covered in mud and duck poo. It was clean like the chicken eggs usually are.

I will have to do some research and see how often turkeys lay. I used to know, but I have forgotten. It was a year ago when I read the turkey books. This feels like a major step forward for the farmlet.


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