Ridiculously Busy

I have been ridiculously busy this month with the garden and the animals. My camera broke ten days ago and I finally got a replacement for it. I don’t like posting blog entries without pictures or videos, so I was a little reluctant to update until I got a new one. I’ve been learning the ins and outs of the new camera for the last few days. I’ll have to figure out a wind filter, but otherwise I am pretty happy with it. The video is on the rabbitry and how they all are doing. I’ll have a few more update videos coming over the next couple of days and to whoever it was that wanted the PVC hutch frame plans and materials list, I haven’t forgotten. The husband just hasn’t gotten it together yet for me. He’s been busy, too.

I have sold six dozen duck eggs this month, which keeps up nicely with the 5 to 6 eggs a day I am getting. So I made $29 ($1 off for someone who returned a bunch of egg cartons). We will likely sell some rabbit meat on Saturday, too.

We got all the rabbit cages, except two washed on Sunday and we got the pregnant does into the Mama cages and gave them their nesting boxes. They are due on the 18th, so not long now. We still have to wash two buck cages. It started raining and got really windy before we got to them on Sunday and then Monday it poured. So hopefully we will get to them tomorrow. Today was building beds in the garden and moving old hay and manure into the beds. Tonight we will be moving soil.


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