Lots of Progress on the Garden

I took this video of the garden a couple days ago. Since then the husband and I have built 3 more raised beds and half filled them with old hay, bedding, manure, etc. We filled the low bed with more soil and still need to get about 1/4 load of soil off the truck. We have to get the turkey pen and coop cleaned out first as that needs to go in one of the beds before we put soil on top of it.

I potted up most of my tomato seedlings. There were a couple I didn’t do as they didn’t have their true leaves yet, but the majority of them I did. I buried almost the full stems in the bigger pots so just the leaves are sticking up. It makes them look all small again, but I know that it will give them a stronger root system in the long run.

I have used almost all of the 4 inch pots that I had on hand, so I need to see if I can round up some more. If not I will just repot them in red cello cups, but I prefer to use garden pots if I can get my hands on them without spending money.

My peppers are doing great and getting tall. They are just starting to get their true leaves so I will probably pot them up in another week. I will do what I did with the tomatoes take them down low in the pot so that I can cover most of the stems to give a better root system. The kale seedlings are about ready to be potted up. And I am hoping the watermelon, which is going like gangbusters will be fine in their pots for a while. I only planted them 5 or so days ago and they are just huge.

I finally got some chard to germinate, but it is still pretty tiny. Who knew I’d have relative ease growing the harder things from seeds like tomatoes and peppers, but that chard and lettuce would be so difficult? If the chard doesn’t improve much I will likely just direct seed it into the garden in May and see if I don’t have better luck that way. If worst comes to worst I’ll just go buy transplants.

I still need to make it over to Joe’s to pick up some shallots and calendula and comfrey if they have it. I want calendula for healing balms and comfrey for the rabbits. The comfrey will go in large pots, though as I don’t want it spreading. I also want to look at some of their other herbs and flowers that are edible like nasturtiums. I’ll start them from seed if I have to, but I don’t want to have to. I am pretty much out of room under my grow lights, or will be by the time I pot up the peppers.

I know I have a small two-shelved green house in storage someone gave me as a gift that I never used and I could start hardening some things off before much longer if I use it. Then time would be spent under the sun and not under the lamps and I could baby along some more stuff a little longer and maybe start my squash. I may just direct seed it, though.

I had bought some really, really good seed trays to use for fodder and then got really sick so quit doing fodder and I pulled those out to put under my four inch pots and they are very, very sturdy. I will definitely use them when I take up fodder again in the future if they last that long. I think they will, though. They are quite strong.

The rabbits are due in 3 days. The husband has put together two of the new grow out cages and has 2 left to do. The older kits will be 7 weeks old this weekend and then will have one week to go before weaning and moving to the grow out cages, though I will leave at least a couple doe kits in with their mothers longer than that. With 18 kits and 4 cages available I can do 4 to a cage and still have 2 left over. So I’d rather do 3 to a cage and have the mothers each have a couple doe kits until the bigger ones get processed and we can move them out.

I probably won’t breed again until early May. Since deciding to do 3 litters at a time I don’t need to do them as close together as when I was only doing 2 litters at a time.

We are fully on the organic rabbit pellets now and I have to say that I really like what I am seeing. They are not wasting feed like they were before and I’m not seeing any faders or sick kits since switching. I hope that’s all I needed to do to stop it, change to superior feed.

I am worried some about whether Cinnabun will use her box for her kits or not. The first day she took everything out of it, sat in it, and pooped in it. We cleaned it out, fixed it up again and while she has sat in it, she hasn’t pooped in it or taken the materials out again. But she might. We will pack her cage with hay on Friday, though, to make sure if she doesn’t nest in the box she can still make a good nest outside of it and keep the kits warm.

Serena is good about having her kits in the nesting box and I think Kalia is, too if I remember right. But they will also have plenty of supplies to build nests wherever they want in their cages. Better safe than sorry.


One thought on “Lots of Progress on the Garden

  1. honour says:

    4″ pots: suggest run a ‘Wanted’ ad in CraigsList if folks are doing garage clear-out or downsizing from house to apartment.
    Nasturtiums: Plant seeds directly into ground, see growth 7-10 days, they prefer poor soil.

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