On Kindle Watch

I’ve got three rabbits due today, Kalia (bred with Wildfire), Cinnabun (bred with Starbuck), and Serena (bred with Alexander). Kalia and Cinnabun have built elaborate nests. Serena’s nest is not that elaborate, but she’s the only one who has pulled fur. Kalia and Serena are both in that uncomfortable looking stage. Cinnabun looks perfectly fine, but nothing really seems to phase her. My guess is Kalia will have hers first.

I have some more videos I took earlier in the week. The gutter garden is coming along nicely, planted with garlic, green onions (in succession), spinach, and edible violas. Since the video, the foot of radishes I planted have sprouted. I need to plant another foot of radishes. I want them coming about every ten days or so.

Gutter Garden:

I think we will have a lot of fruit this year if all goes well. I have seen some bees pollinating. Mostly bumble bees and mason bees, but there have been a few honey bees. Speaking of honey bees, google “accident on I-5 with bee hives” and watch a few of the videos. They had 448 hives on the semi-truck that flipped. And they were headed for my county, rented to the big blueberry and raspberry farms here. We could see tremendous loss of production in our county this year. They were able to save some, but berries are a huge part of the farm economy here. All the more reason for farmers to keep their own hives, I think.

Fruit Garden:

Out in the vegetable bed that is planted, you can just see a few of the snap peas that I planted starting to burst through the soil. They just started coming up and last night I could see 3 and this morning I could see 8. I am really happy with how everything is growing. The lettuce is getting big. I think I can start taking a leaf off each plant in another couple of days for my salads. The kale is also doing very well, and the snow peas are starting to reach for the trellis. The onions look great. Everything I planted in the window boxes and planters is also doing well. The chamomile, which got yanked out of the planter by a chicken, seems to be recovering.

The chickens that keep hopping the fence will be getting their wings clipped this weekend. They are Mom’s chickens. Mine are well-behaved. I saw baby chicks at the farm store last night when I was buying feeders for the new cages. They are so adorable. I want some. But I think the only babies we will have on the homestead this year are rabbit kits. Though I still would like to raise a couple of turkeys, I just don’t see it happening.


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