Three Litters of Kits Born on Sunday

All fourteen kits are healthy and growing. The fur is starting to come in. I definitely think I got some blacks from Cinnabun.

The husband and I have got the irrigation system in to all parts of the garden that are currently finished. I will be adding manure and spent bedding to the two unfinished garden beds over the next two weeks while he is back in Alaska and then when he comes back home again we will get soil into those last two beds, finish the irrigation and start planting in those beds.

The peas I planted from seed are coming up. I’ve planted more sorrel, lettuce, some of the edible violas, kohlrabi, broccoli, cabbage, celery, and chard. I still need to do a second sowing of lettuce and plant some carrots and get my zucchini and summer squash seeds planted. I need to pot up my peppers and kale pretty soon. I am waiting for the true leaves on the peppers to get a little bigger first. The kale has its true leaves so I could do them any time, just figured I’d wait and do them at the same time as the peppers.

I am going to cut bait on the lettuce seedlings. They just aren’t thriving. I planted good starts of several types out in the garden, though. I will try to direct seed lettuce later in the season once all the starts stop producing. In another week or two, depending on the 10 day forecast at that point, I can pick out the best of my tomato plants that I started and begin hardening them off.

I am going to put some soil in large pots and plant my sweet meat squash seeds outside. It is warm enough for them to germinate and I won’t have to play with them under the grow lights and worry about hardening them off. Then once we get the soil in the last beds I can transfer them to one of those. I still wish I had twice as much garden space as I do. For as much as I want to preserve for the winter, it just doesn’t feel like enough.

Today we also ground up a bunch of rabbit meat we’d thawed out over the last few days. We got 8 1.5 pound bags or 12 pounds total of ground rabbit meat now back in the freezer. It was old, from the beginning of 2014. It wasn’t freezer burned, but at this point the texture changes. We are working on getting all of the older stuff ground or canned. It got buried deep in the chest freezer. This way we can still use it and not have to throw anything out.

I need to use the rabbit meat more often. We probably have about 150 pounds in the freezer. I’ve been on a chicken kick for a while, so I need to get over that and start using the rabbit more often. We will definitely be having rabbit burgers this week and I’ll mix it in with other ground meats to make up meatloaves and meatballs. We had sloppy hoppies last week. There really is just so much more I can do with the ground.


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