Some Firsts Today

The fur is in on Cinnabun’s kits. They were first, but then they were born first. There are definitely 2 solid blacks, 1 possible black, and 2 chocolates. The fur is about half in on Kalia’s and I can tell there are 2 that will be agouti, one that will be a steel, and one that is almost black, but not quite as it has a touch of grey and brown. Serena’s pinkies look frosted with white.

Stock, First Salad, Rabbit Kits 006

I had my first salad from the garden. It consisted of red loose leaf lettuce, Lacinato kale, blood-veined sorrel, common sorrel, and some thyme. The sorrels taste a lot like spinach, but are prettier. I was picking the kale on the side where the peas are, as they are trying to climb the kale instead of the trellis.

We let the turkeys out of their pen today for the first time. Gina was so happy. She hung with the ducks. She would always stare at them as they’d file past the pen and I swear it was with longing. George seemed confused, mostly, but then George isn’t the brightest bird. Beautiful and loyal and bonded to Gina, but not too smart. Neither one of them really wanted to go back in at night, though. Gina led me a merry chase. George just let me pick him up and put him back in the pen. I will let them out again tomorrow.

I was feeling sorry for them as they just have the coop and the 8 x 8 area. George is too heavy to fly much and Gina doesn’t want to leave George, so I think it is going to be okay. I will let them out on days that it is nice as long as I’m going to be around. So they will be part-time free range or yard range or whatever you want to call it from now on.

I will be saving duck eggs for the next two mornings for a lady who wants to fill her incubator and has about ten spots open. She will be giving me a dozen calendula starts in exchange. I am happy with that bargain as I didn’t want to try to start any more things from seeds. It is very full under my grow lights. The girls are being pretty prolific at the moment so I hope they don’t slack off on the job.

She also raises quail so when I am ready, I can get some from her, either chicks or eggs to incubate. They are the jumbo Coturnix which are the ones I want to raise when we do it, too. These quail take 8 weeks to mature to butcher size. I am thinking about raising some start to finish in the brooder box. I could do 20 in that space or 40 if I used both brooder boxes. They are 4′ x 4′. I’m not too interested in having more egg layers, just the meat, right now. But we will have to see. I am just not sure if I want to raise meat birds this year.


4 thoughts on “Some Firsts Today

  1. onedogrunning says:

    Excited to see you’ll be getting into quail! I think you could get at least 30 in a 4′ by 4′ space if you were only raising to butcher size. They don’t seem to mind being in close quarters as long as there’s plenty of food, water and dust baths. Very easy to process.

  2. rivenfae says:

    good luck if you do get those quail. Have to have a permit to raise them here.

  3. the Goodwife says:

    We raise Coturnix quail and they are a great addition to our homestead! We butcher them at 6 weeks and they are delicious. Good luck if you decide to add them, I don’t think you’ll be sorry! 🙂

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