Healing Teeth with Bone Broth?

I have been having trouble with the lower left hand side of my teeth ever since I had a crown put in over a year ago. Maybe two years. I really don’t remember. It was painful before the crown was put in, so it feels like a very long time to me. Of course the extensive dental work and crown was supposed to solve the problem, but the sensitivity to cold was getting worse and worse and the pain spread over 3 teeth.

According to the dentist there are no cavities there. There is nothing wrong with my gums, either. If I hadn’t cracked the tooth to begin with, I’d never have needed a crown because my teeth are pretty healthy. I don’t just claim I floss every day, I do it. I brush my teeth for 3 minutes at each brushing like I am supposed to. Yet, pain.

So I started investigating if there were ways to heal the teeth and stop the pain that went beyond traditional dental advice. And time after time one of the things that came up was drinking bone broth. Not only is it supposed to heal teeth, it is supposed to help with healing joints. Well, with my knee the way it is (not to mention the wrists, the ankles, and the one hip) I thought I had nothing to lose by trying it.

So far I have made 5 quarts of turkey bone broth from the turkey carcass that has sat frozen in my freezer since Thanksgiving (from one of our home raised turkeys). Then I roasted the bones from all the rabbit we had deboned earlier in the week and then made them into 5 and 1/2 quarts of bone broth. And today I finished making up bone broth from organic grass fed beef marrow bones (after eating the marrow, of course, because that is also supposed to help with healing teeth and joints), resulting in 4 quarts of bone broth.

I simmered the bones with just celery and parsley, salt and pepper. I could use onions and carrots, but I have to limit my high glycemic vegetables to once a day and I need to be able to drink a mug of bone broth 2 to 3 times a day. Concentrated onion and carrot would mean I could only drink that with the one meal. So just celery and parsley and it is still quite good. I think the 24 hour simmer just brings out way more flavor than the shorter times I’ve made traditional soup stock in with lots of boiling.

Anyway, I’ve been drinking the bone broth for a week and a half now. What is the consensus? I have less sensitivity to cold in my teeth. I still have some. I still have pain. But it is improving. I am also using a remineralizing toothpaste which doesn’t have any artificial junk in it, so that may be helping as well. How is my knee? I haven’t noticed a difference yet. My skin on the other hand is looking much better. Like it glows or something. I don’t know if that is supposed to be something bone broth does or not, but it has corresponded with drinking it.

I am going to continue on with the bone broth. I like having a hot beverage other than tea. Since I don’t drink coffee and very much have to curtail hot chocolate, this is a nice option. And my son is taking a great interest in the bone broth as well since his knees have been bugging him in P.E. and he thinks it might help. There is plenty so it doesn’t bother me to share.

In other news, the garden is doing fantastic. Today I planted another foot of Cherrybelle radishes and six three foot long rows of Little Finger Carrot seeds. I planted my Black Beauty Bush Zucchini seeds and my Early Yellow Crooknook Summer Sqaush seeds. I will have to thin the carrots like crazy. Carrot seeds are super tiny and it was hard not to over seed with them.

I was able to harvest enough lettuce and kale leaves to have salads for today, tomorrow, and the next day. Just for me, not the kids, but they don’t eat much in the way of salads.

I am really happy with how everything is growing and I am looking forward to finishing off the other two garden beds so I can get my green beans and sweet meat squash going. And of course the weather to warm up enough to plant my watermelon, tomatoes, jalapenos, bell peppers, sweet peppers, and paprika peppers. I am hardening off the tomatoes and some kale and chard right now. I don’t want to try to harden off the peppers until they are bigger and it is a little warmer.

I planted the rest of my edible violas and some calendula starts I traded for 10 fertile hatching duck eggs. I want to make calendula salve this year.

Here is a video of how the garden is doing this week:

And the gutter garden:


2 thoughts on “Healing Teeth with Bone Broth?

  1. onedogrunning says:

    Oil pulling has worked for my sore teeth. I use coconut oil.

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