More Busy

This week has been really busy. I’ve gotten a lot done, but it doesn’t seem like it when I look around. The garden is coming along great.

I’ve actually planted some tomatoes since I took that video on Sunday. I put in 5 Constoluto Genevese, 4 Abraham Lincoln, and 3 Opalka. I only have 2 flats of plants left under the grow lights. Everything else is in various stages of hardening off. I will be able to take one of the trays that is under the grow lights out to the porch tomorrow and then the last tray I think will be big enough to go outside by Sunday.

The fruit garden is doing well. We have boat loads of little green blueberries. I can see apples starting now, though I couldn’t when I taped the following video on Sunday. I can see plums as well.

I am having some problems with the spinach. I am not sure if it is sun scorch or a nitrogen deficiency. I put fertlizer on and hopefully it will respond.

We have rototilled the corn strip and will be planting that this week. The ducks had a field day with the freshly turned earth. We have decided to do the 3 sisters method with the corn, the pole green beans, and the sweet meat squash. We have potatoes starting to come up and we will be planting more of that, too.

I sold 4 dozen duck eggs this week. I also traded 2 rabbits’ worth of meat for 4 quarts of organic lard with another homesteader. I have another potential duck egg customer, another lady who is allergic to chicken eggs. She has shown interest, but we will have to see if she follows through or not.

DH and I cut 8 rabbits’ worth of meat today from the first half of 2014 and we will run it through the meat grinder tomorrow. I took the rest of the rabbit meat from early 2014 out of the freezer to thaw and that will also get ground. We may make some jerky from some of this. I have yet to use my jerky gun and it would be nice to try it out. Once we get through this meat, we won’t have anything whole in the freezer from before September. While none of it was freezer burned, I am still glad to have gotten prepared for grinding.

Once we get through all this rabbit meat then I will thaw out all the white meat chicken from last summer and can it.

We have decided to raise meat chickens this year. We are set up for that and it won’t mean adding new infrastructure. We are going to get 50 male black Australorps. Australorps are a heavy chicken breed. They are mostly leg and thigh which is what we want. We will do these 50 and then probably order another batch of chicks as soon as they are done and then the second batch will be ready in November. So 100 chicks total. 50 for Mom and 50 for us. At least that is the plan. If we are too tired after raising the first 50 then we will let it go at that.

We have decided not to raise quail or turkey poults this year. I will order 2 turkeys from the guy who is going to raise my meat ducks. He raises on pasture with organic feed.

The husband is going to go on a major fishing weekend with one of his Alaskan work buddies and then ship home a bunch of fish on dry ice this summer. The guy always gets a ton of fish, so chances are good it will more than pay for the fishing license and shipping costs. If not, well, the husband will have fun.

That pretty much wraps up what is going on here. I’ll try to find the time to do an animal update, especially on the grow outs tomorrow.


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