The Rabbit Kits are Thriving

I have to say that I am very happy with the grow out rates. This new organic feed is just amazing. I have not had a single fader or sick rabbit kit since switching to Modesto Mills. They waste far less of this feed than the other feed. They seem to enjoy eating it more. It smells so much better. When we switched to the organic feed we also switched to organic whole oats from Scratch and Peck and we made sure the hay we were getting was no spray and not alfalfa (which is basically all contaminated by GMO’s now}.

The husband and I finished filling the last two garden beds today. We moved 1 and 3/4 cubic yards of soil. I put 3 trays of seedlings out into the sun for a few hours for the first time today and the last trays that were under the grow lights went out onto the porch today.

Over the last two days the corn strip has been rototilled and planted and the potatoes we had planted in April have been weeded. We also planted more potatoes. I think we will definitely have enough potatoes for the year, Yukon Golds, reds, and russets. We will can most of them. After the corn is a foot high we will plant pole green beans in them as well as sweet meat squash. We decided to go for the 3 sisters.

With the pole beans being planted with the corn, I can just plant bush green beans in the one bed. I was worried that pole beans would shade the raspberries, so now that won’t happen.

The 10 tomato plants I put in are doing well. We are still having an issue with the one line of irrigation we put in so I’ve been watering the tomatoes by hand. I planted some more chard in Mom’s section of the raised beds. My zucchini has started to come up and one of my yellow summer squash plants.

We are going to plant the sunflower seeds in the front garden area. I’ve got a nice variety so hopefully they will be really pretty.

We took one of the top roosts down in the turkey coop. George was getting stuck between them and sort of having just to plummet down instead of fly and I think it was hurting his feet, plus he was rubbing off some of his feathers. He easily came down from the roost today without any help. He seems happier. Gina could always get down easy, but she’s a much smaller bird.

Gina, by the way, is now laying her eggs in the duck coop in one of their nesting boxes instead of from the perch. The box isn’t really big enough for her, but she is managing. She won’t lay in her own nesting box. I’ve always thought Gina wanted to be a duck. She hangs with them now that she’s allowed out of the pen. She was sunbathing today with the ducks and her tail was all fanned out and she was half wallowed in the dirt taking a dust bath. I am so happy I decided to risk letting them out. I think it has improved their quality of life massively.

Well, I best get to bed. We have a lot more to do tomorrow and I’m exhausted.


One thought on “The Rabbit Kits are Thriving

  1. Vivian Partridge says:

    I’ve never heard of the three sisters. What a great idea!

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